cjis: Major Projects Overview

Governing Board Applications

Currently, there are four (4) major applications that fall under the responsibility of the CJIS Governing Board. These are:

1. Connecticut Information Sharing System (CISS),

2. Offender Based Tracking System (OBTS)

3. Connecticut Impaired Driver Records Information System (CIDRIS), and

4. Connecticut Racial Profiling

CISS, CIDRIS, and Connecticut Racial Profiling projects are under development and/or not considered fully operational.

OBTS has been operational for several years, and was the first of its kind to bring many different information systems together to more effectively and efficiently track offenders. OBTS tracks the status of an offender on a near real time basis from the time of arraignment, through adjudication, incarceration, and supervision, until release, as applicable.


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