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OBTS Training/Use Policies
Training/Use Policies

Only agencies as defined in the Connecticut General Statutes 54-142q will be provided access to the Offender Based Tracking System (OBTS). 

The training requires a three to four hour classroom training and certification session; sessions will be held at the Judicial building at 99 East River Drive,East Hartford,CT. During the training session, each attendee must take and pass an OBTS certification test as a pre-requisite to receive OBTS access.  Upon completion of the training and the certification process, users will have access to the OBTS.  Each user will be given a unique userid and will be assigned an initial password. Users are responsible for changing their password upon their first access to OBTS.

Several policies have been adopted by the CJIS Policy Committee and CJIS Governing Board that provide direction in the use of the OBTS. It is each agency,s and user,s responsibility to ensure that these policies and guidelines are followed.

  • All users must take an OBTS Training and Certification course which will be offered in a classroom setting.

  • All users must take and pass an OBTS Certification Test.

  • All users must sign an OBTS Certification form which specifies the confidentiality requirements placed on users.

  • All access to OBTS must be via a COLLECT certified workstation or from a workstation on a LAN certified by the Bureau of Enterprise Systems and Technology (BEST) CJIS support group. LAN workstations must have either an Internet Explorer V5.5 SP2 or higher or Netscape V6.2 or higher browser.

OBTS Training Contacts

If you are a Judicial Branch employee, please contact Alicia D'Orsi alicia.dorsi@jud.state.ct.us; (860) 721-2170

If you are an Executive Branch employee and ALL others (includes member of Local Law Enforcement or a Federal agency) please contact the CJIS Help Desk at CJIS.HelpDesk@ct.gov; (860) 622-2000

If you're interested in hosting an OBTS Training class or need POST training for a large group, please contact the CJIS Help Desk.

Training Schedules

OBTS Training Request Procedure

A CJIS User Authorization Request (CUAR) Form (  Federal/State CUAR Form  Municipal CUAR Formmust be completed for each individual requesting training and access to OBTS. Please refer to the CUAR Instructions and Roles contained within the CUAR Forms for more specific and important information with explanations for completing the CUAR.

Once completed, the CUAR must be approved by the individual, manager and additionally approved by a âCJIS Authorizing Individual.  For municipal law enforcement agencies, this individual is generally the TAC officer. 

All completed forms should be sent to the CJIS Help Desk.

Mail - CJIS Help Desk, 55 Farmington Avenue, 11th Floor, Eleventh Floor, Hartford, CT 06105
Email - CJIS.HelpDesk@ct.gov  
Facsimile - (860) 706-5713

Upon receipt, the CJIS Help Desk will follow up with the user, the agency representative, or the CJIS Authorizing Individual to confirm the training.

Agency Representatives CJIS Authorized Individual

For OBTS training for a large group outside the CJIS facility, Agencies need to name a representative who will assist in scheduling and coordinate training.  These individuals will also be given the technical instructions to enable the workstation(s) in the respective agencies to access the OBTS.  In municipal law enforcement agencies, the TAC officer or training officer is recommended as the agency representative. 

OBTS Contact Information

CJIS agency and user participation in the OBTS training and certification process is welcomed. 

Should there be any questions concerning OBTS training, scheduling, or of a technical nature concerning the access and operations of OBTS please contact the CJIS Help Desk at (860) 622-2000 or via email at CJIS.HelpDesk@CT.GOV.

CJIS Help Desk
55 Farmington Avenue, 11th Floor
Hartford, CT 06105
Phone: (860) 622-2000
Fax: (860) 706-5713



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