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Welcome to CJIS Academy, a new training and educational program for CJIS projects. CJIS Academy will include several different types of educational programs, both for internal CJIS employees and stakeholders in the CJIS Community.
CJIS Community Outreach
To improve communications with the CJIS Community about CISS as well as other CJIS projects, CJIS began reaching out to the Community to assess its needs. It was soon determined that additional education was necessary to better inform stakeholders and end users, and alleviate misconceptions and fears about the CISS project.

CJIS began by providing informational programs for interested stakeholders, which include onsite visits to educate users on different aspects of the CISS project and how it specifically impacts their work. CJIS will also conduct Community workshops on technical and business practices related to CISS as the project progresses.

Hank Lindgren, CJIS Public Safety Liaison, Sergeant Retired is available to give a twenty minute presentation on the Connecticut Information Sharing System (CISS) to those criminal justice agencies that would like to know more about the information sharing system. The presentation describes the background of CJIS and the reasons for the development of CISS as a comprehensive, state-wide information sharing system for Connecticut. It also outlines the major components of CISS, including Information Exchanges, Search Releases and Workflow Waves. Hank will also describe the CISS Community Portal, security and support plans, and CJIS Academy, the new CJIS educational and community outreach program.
Focus Groups
As the CISS project progresses, CJIS will be scheduling and hosting a number of Focus Group sessions. A Focus Group is a small group (6-10 people or larger if needed) discussion guided by a trained leader. The purpose of holding CJIS Focus Groups is to learn more about opinions on a designated topic(s) and promote collaboration and idea-sharing, open communication channels between agencies, CJIS, and the vendor on application requirements and determine business requirements and designs. CJIS will schedule a Focus Group when people need to share views on a subject, when more detailed discussions are needed on a subject, or when there is a need to share ideas in a free-flowing session.
The people who will be asked to participate in Focus Groups may include some or all of the following:
  • Agencies with common characteristics relating to the discussion topic
  • CJIS Business team members
  • Project Manager associated with the topic
  • Scribe
  • Key decision makers (as needed)
  • Technical experts (when applicable)
  • Xerox (when applicable)
CISS Training
Because training will be required before a user can login and use CISS, CJIS is working on several options for stakeholder instruction. As the CISS project begins its releases, training modules will conveniently be available online or in a classroom setting at a training facility (for those who need Police Officer Standings and Training (POST) certification).
CJIS Training
CJIS is also providing training sessions for new and current CJIS employees. Internal instruction will focus on improving technical knowledge on selected projects. This knowledge will be essential for formulating business analysis and technical support of all of the CJIS projects.
OBTS Training
The training program will also include certification classes for OBTS.

Note: CJIS is no longer holding trainings for OBTS.

Go to OBTS Training/Use Policies for more detailed information about OBTS training, including training use policy, training request procedure and contact information.
The first page of the CUAR provides the registration page, which may be reproduced as required; the remaining pages reference options and codes used in completing the CUAR.
Using IE8, IE9, and IE10 With OBTS
IE8, IE9 and IE10 are suitable for use with OBTS. Follow these instructions.

For more information about CJIS Academy, or to schedule an onsite presentation, contact:

CJIS Help Desk
P: 860-622-2000

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