CID: Lookup and Verify Insurance Licensees and Authorized Insurers

Lookup and Verify Insurance Licensees and Authorized Insurers

V Lookup and Verify Licensees
LI List of Licensees or insurers authorized to sell certain types of insurance
D Definition of Term
S Related CT State Statute

Agent (see Producer)
Bail Bond Agent (See Surety Bail Bond Agent)  
Broker (see Producer)
Casualty Adjuster V LI D S
Certified Insurance Consultant V LI D S
Excess/Surplus Lines Insurers-White List (unlicensed entities reqistered to produce surplus lines business)   LI   S
Fraternal Agent V LI   S
Fraternal Benefit Society V LI   S
Insurance Companies - Insurer Financial Statistics and Complaint Ratios V LI    
- Cancer Policies   LI    
- Dental Policies   LI    
- HMO/Health Care Center   LI D  
- HRA-Health Reinsurance Association   LI S
- High Deductible HSA health Plans   LI    
- High Deductible Policies For Use With Tax-Qualified Savings Accounts
- Individual Health Insurance   LI   S
- Long Term Care Insurers-Individual and Group   LI
- Long Term Care Partnership Insurers   LI  
- Managed Care Organizations   LI D  
- Medicare Supplement Plans Prior to June 1, 2010   LI  
- Medicare Supplement Plans On or After June 1, 2010   LI  
- Non-Standard Auto Insurers LI
- Pharmacy Benefit Managers Registered In Connecticut LI
- Small Group (Blue Ribbon Health Insurance Plans   LI  
Life Settlement Broker V LI D S
Life Settlement Investment Agent V LI D S
Life Settlement Provider V LI D S
Medical Discount Plans (not insurance)   LI   S
Mortgage Guaranty (Mortgage Guaranty code not available to new licensees effective 09/01/01-see Producer)     D S
Motor Vehicle Physical Damage Appraiser V LI D S
Preferred Provider Network   LI D S
Producer  (Agents and Brokers - Individuals or Agencies) V LI D S
Public Adjuster V LI D S
Reinsurers (Approved in Connecticut)   LI D S
Reinsurance Intermediary Brokers V LI D S
Reinsurance Intermediary Managers V LI D S
Rental Car Permittee V LI   S
Risk Retention Groups   LI   S
Surety Bail Bond Agent V LI D S
Surplus Lines Broker V LI   S
Third Party Administrators (license not required in Connecticut, depending on the business done, a different license may be required)        
Title Agents (license not issued by the Insurance Department refer to CGS38a- )       S
Utilization Review Company V LI   S

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