Organization and Rules of Practice § 38a-8-1 to § 38a-8-75
Personal Data § 38a-8-76
Standards on Hazardous Financial Condition § 38a-8-101 to § 38a-8-104
Privacy of Consumer Financial Information § 38a-8-105 to § 38a-123
Safeguarding Customer Financial Information § 38a-8-124 to § 38a-8-126
Arbitration Procedure for Automobile Physical Damage and Property Damage Claims § 38a-10-1 to 38a-10-4
Requirements for Insurance Companies Applying for a License to do Business in the State of Connecticut § 38a-41-1 to § 38a-41-6
Statement of Actuarial Opinion § 38a-53-1 to § 38a-53-4
Annual Audited Financial Reports § 38a-54-1 to § 38a-54-14
Risk Based Capital for Insurers § 38a-72-1 to § 38a-72-13
Life Reinsurance Agreements § 38a-72a-1 to § 38a-72a-5
Connecticut Standard Valuation Law § 38a 78-1 to § 38a-78-35
Minimum Reserve Standards for Individual and Group Health Insurance Contracts § 38a-78-11 to § 38a-78-16
Mortality Tables: Minimum Reserve Liabilities § 38a-78-17 to § 38a-78-20
§ 38a-78-21 to § 38a-78-25
§ 38a-78-26 to § 38a-78-30
§ 38a-78-31 to § 38a-78-35
§ 38a-78-36 to § 38a-78-44
Credit for Reinsurance § 38a-88-1 to 38a-88-12
Insider Trading of Domestic Stock Insurance Company Equity Securities § 38a-124-1 to § 38a-124-24
Insurance Holding Company Act § 38a-138-1 to § 38a-138-16
High Deductable Health Plans for Health Care Centers § 38a-192-1 to § 38a-192-3
Proxies, Consents and Authorizations of Domestic Stock Insurers § 38a-147-1 to § 38a-147-10
Risk-Based Capital Requirements for Health Care Centers § 38a-193-1 to § 38a-193-13
Standards for Approval of Clinics; Reserve Requirements for Hospital Service Corporations § 38a-199-1 to § 38a-199-13
Reserve Requirements for Medical Service Corporations § 38a-214-1 to § 38a-214-7
Utilization Review § 38a-226c-1 to § 38a-226c-10
Reporting Requirements for Licensees Seeking to do Business With Certain Unauthorized Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements § 38a-272-1 to § 38a-272-10
Insurance on Motor Vehicles Sold Under Instalment Contracts Or Pledged for a Loan § 38a-288-1 to § 38a-288-9
Height and Style of Type to be used in Insurance Policies § 38a-297-1 to § 38a-297-6
Claims-made Liability Insurance Policies § 38a-327-1 to § 38a-327-6
Connecticut FAIR Plan § 38a-328-1 to § 38a-328-20
Minimum Provisions for Automobile Liability Insurance Policies Covering Motor Vehicles § 38a-334-1 to § 38a-334-10
Connecticut Motor Vehicle Insurance Safe Driver Classification Plan § 38a-347-1 to § 38a-347-3
Reports to the National Insurance Crime Bureau § 38a-357-1 to § 38a-357-8
Connecticut Motor Vehicle Insurance § 38a-372-1
Title Insurance Coverage: Real Property Subject to Indian Land Claims § 38a-424a-1 to § 38a-424a-4
Approval of Form of Life Insurance and Annuity Policies and Contracts § 38a-430-1 to § 38a-430-4
Suitability in Annuity Transactions § 38a-432a-1 to § 38a-432a-8
Use of Senior-Specific Certifications and Professional Designations in the Sale of Life Insurance and Annuities § 38a-432b-1 to § 38a-432b-4
Variable Life Insurance; Modified Guaranteed Annuities; Modified Guaranteed Life Insurance § 38a-433-1 to § 38a-433-34
Accident and Health Insurance Contracts § 38a-434-1
Mortality Tables: Minimum Nonforfeiture Benefits § 38a-439-1 to § 38a-439-4
§ 38a-439-5 to § 38a-439-9
§ 38a-439-10 to § 38a-439-15
Accelerated Benefits of Life Insurance § 38a-457-1 to § 38a-457-11
Life Insurance Providing Long-Term Care Benefits § 38a-458-1 to § 38a-458-12
Synthetic Guaranteed Investment Contracts; Separate Accounts Funding Guaranteed Minimum Benefits Under Group Contracts § 38a-459-1 to § 38a-459-20
Viatical Settlements § 38a-465-1 to § 38a-465-10
Submission and Review of Rates for Medicare Supplement Insurance § 38a-474-1 to § 38a-474-4
Connecticut Partnership For Long-Term Care Insurance § 38a-475-1 to § 38a-475-6
Notice to Enrollees § 38a-478m-1
External Appeals § 38a-478n-1 to § 38a-478n-5
Managed Care § 38a-478u-1 to § 38a-478u-7
Pharmacy Benefits Managers Applying for a Certificate of Registration § 38a-479aaa-1 to § 38a-479aaa-5
Coordination of Benefits; Approval of Group Accident,
      Group Health, And Group Accident and Health
      Policy Forms; Approval of Form of Life Insurance,
      Endowment and Annuity Policies and Contracts
      Providing Additional Benefits for Accidental Death
      And Waiver of Premium Benefits
§ 38a-480-1 to § 38a-480-14
Approval of Individual Accident and Health Policy Forms § 38a-481-1 to § 38a-481-4
Medicare Supplement Insurance Minimum Standards § 38a-495-1 to § 38a-495-17
Medicare Supplement Insurance Minimum Standards § 38a-495a-1 to § 38a-495a-21
Individual Long-Term Care Insurance § 38a-501-8 to § 38a-501-24
Cancer Clinical Trials § 38a-504a-1 to § 38a-504-3
Individual Accident and Sickness Insurance Minimum Standards § 38a-505-1 to § 38a-505-13
Group Specified Disease Health Insurance Minimum Standards § 38a-513-1
Group Long-Term Care Insurance § 38a-528-1 to § 38a-528-17
Group Coverage Discontinuance and Replacement § 38a-546-1 to § 38a-546-6
Coordination of Benefits § 38a-554-1 to § 38a-554-6
Approval of Form of Fraternal Benefit Society Policies and Contracts § 38a-640-1 to § 38a-640-4
Approval of Credit Life Insurance and Credit Accident and Health Insurance Policy Forms § 38a-651-1 to § 38a-651-4
Bail Bond Producers Application and Renewal § 38a-660-1 to § 38a-660-7
Approval of Property and Casualty Insurance Forms § 38a-676-1 to § 38a-676-3
An Accident Prevention Course for Mature Drivers § 38a-683-1 to § 38a-683-7
Territorial Rating System for Automobile Insurance § 38a-686-1 to § 38a-686-3
Private Passenger Automobile Insurance Statistical Data Monitoring System § 38a-693-1 to § 38a-693-6
Service Fees to Be Charged By Insurance Producers and Surplus Lines Brokers § 38a-707-1 to § 38a-707-9
Surplus Lines Insurers § 38a-740-1 to § 38a-740-11
Continuing Education of Insurance Producers § 38a-782a-1 to § 38a-782a-18
Public Adjusters § 38a-788-1 to § 38a-788-8
Conduct of Motor Vehicle Physical Damage Appraisers § 38a-790-1 to § 38a-790-8
Casualty Adjusters § 38a-792-1 to § 38a-792-5
Sale of Insurance Policies by Car Rental Agencies § 38a-799-1 to § 38a-799-9
Unfair Insurance Practices:
      Advertisements of Accident and Sickness Insurance;
      Advertisements of Life Insurance;
      Life Insurance Solicitation;
      Complaint Records of Insurance Companies;
      Life Insurance Illustrations;
      Military Sales Practices
§ 38a-819-1 to § 38a-819-75
Regulations Governing the Availability of Insurance on Real Property Regardless of Location § 38a-824-1 to § 38a-824-3

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