CID: Automobile Ranking Definitions

Automobile Ranking Definitions

Earned Premiums - Amount of the total premium which has been used up at any given point during the policy period.

Underwriting - Those complaints which involve cancellation, non-renewal, premiums, rating, refusal to insure, underwriting guidelines and other disputes related to underwriting.

Marketing & Sales - Those complaints which involve delays, misquotes, company handling and other disputes related to marketing and sales.

Claims Handling - Those complaints which involve claim procedure, unsatisfactory offers or settlements, delays, denial of claims, comparative negligence and other disputes related to claims.

Policy Service - Those complaints which involve service, delays, policy information, premium refunds and other disputes related to policy service.

Other - Those complaints which involve lack of proper license, unapproved forms and other miscellaneous disputes.

Justified (J) - Those complaints which indicate error and/or fault by insurers and result in corrective action.

Questionable (Q) - Those complaints which involve a question of fact or law and/or a combination of responsibility. Frequently, these complaints are favorably resolved.

Complaint Ratio - The total number of complaints, divided by the direct premium and multiplied by 1,000,000.

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