CID: New Releases (06/06/2012) - Insurance Department: “Be Prepared” Web Page

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Insurance Department
Thomas B. Leonardi
Donna Tommelleo
June 06th, 2012

Insurance Department: “Be Prepared” Web Page
A Resource for Tropical Storm Season
With the start of the Atlantic Tropical Storm season, the Connecticut Insurance Department is reminding consumers to review their home insurance and understand their coverage before a damaging storm hits. The Department’s “Be Prepared” page offers numerous resources that address the risks of the season.
Preparation to safeguard property includes:
  • Make an inventory of belongings
  • Keep your policy and insurance contact information in a safe place
  • Review your policy with your agent or company to determine what is covered – Coverage FAQs
  • Understand the claims process – Tips for Making a Storm Claim
  • Determine whether you are at risk for floods and would need special flood insurance – most homeowners policies do NOT cover flooding
To help with all your insurance questions, consumers can contact the Connecticut Insurance Department by phone at 800-203-3447 or 860-297-3900 or visit the Departments “Be Prepared” page that offers numerous resources including coverage FAQs, tips for filing claims, links to the National Flood Insurance Program and other helpful sites.

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