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2016 Media Releases
12/14/2016 Lost and Found: New Online Tool Helps Families Find Old Life Insurance Policies
11/18/2016 Insurance Commissioner: New Online Pay Portal Expedites Transactions for Licensees
10/31/2016 Commissioner: Trend Continues for Lower Rates For Workers Compensation Insurance
10/24/2016 How Does Your Health Plan Stack Up? CID’s 2016 Consumer Report Card Helps You Compare
09/30/2016 Insurance Department Reports Data On Homeowner Foundation-Related Claims
09/02/2016 Insurance Department Posts Decisions For 2017 Health Insurance Rate Requests
07/21/2016 Insurance Department Statement on proposed Anthem-Cigna Merger
07/05/2016 Insurance Department Places HealthyCT Under Order of Supervision
06/08/2016 Insurance Commissioner: Newly Licensed Captive Insurer Will Help Municipalities Control Health Care Costs
05/31/2016 Insurance Commissioner Reminds Health Insurers Of Coverage Guidelines for Opioid Abuse Deterrent Drugs
05/26/2016 Connecticut Insurance Department Statement on Aetna Form E Filing
02/11/2016 NY-based business Establishes Captive Insurance Operations in CT
01/27/2016 Insurance Department Recovers $6 Million for Policyholders, Taxpayers in 2015
01/27/2016 Janet Grace, Veteran Risk Specialist Heads Up Connecticut Captive Insurance Regulatory Unit
2015 Media Releases
12/04/2015 Insurance Commissioner Bans P&C Carriers From Using Price Optimization.
11/06/2015 Insurance Commissioner: Employers To Benefit From Lower Rates in Workers Compensation Policies
07/07/2015 Insurance Commissioner Calls for July 27 Rate Hearings On Anthem, ConnectiCare and Golden Rule
05/27/2015 Insurance Commissioner Announces New Captive Insurer in State
04/23/2015 Captive Insurance Director John Thomson To Serve As CID Deputy Commissioner
04/07/2015 List it before you lose it - The importance of making a home inventory
04/01/2015 Insurance Department Launches Online Consumer Newsletter
02/24/2015 State Officials Urge Connecticut Residents to Sign Up for Free Anthem Protections
01/30/2015 Insurance Department Recovers $6.3 Million for Policyholders, Taxpayers in 2014
2014 Media Releases
11/20/2014 Commissioner Leonardi addresses the CT Insurance Industry at IFS Insurance Market Forecast
10/08/2014 Captive Insurance Program in Connecticut Among Best in the Nation
10/03/2014 Insurance Department Statement on Anthem-HHC Agreement
09/19/2014 Insurance Department Expands Public Access To Insurance Company Documents
08/25/2014 Insurance Department Recovers $1.8 Million for Policyholders, Taxpayers in 2Q
06/16/2014 Insurance Department Offers Preparedness Tips and Tools For Consumers and Carriers During Storm Season
05/23/2014 Insurance Department Outreach Campaign Earns Statewide Awards
05/09/2014 Commissioner Leonardi Praises Passage of Bills That Enhance Consumer Protections, Promote Competition
05/01/2014 Insurance Department Recovers $1.6 Million for Policyholders, Taxpayers in 1Q
04/17/2014 Commissioner Leonardi Statement On White House Visit
02/28/2014 Connecticut Insurance Department Launches ‘Here for You’ Statewide Awareness Campaign Highlights Free Advice and Expertise for Insurance-Related Issues
2013 Media Releases
11/14/2013 Commissioner Leonardi’s Statement On White House ACA Announcement
10/21/2013 Gov. Malloy Announces More Resources For Families In Accessing Mental Health Services
09/20/2013 Insurance Department – On The Road to Health Care Reform: Free Help For Consumers Over Claims/Coverage Disputes
09/12/2013 Insurance Department Soliciting Public Comment On Mental Health Parity Compliance.
09/05/2013 Insurance Department – On The Road to Health Care Reform: Don’t Fall Into The Coverage Gap
08/29/2013 Insurance Department – On The Road to Health Care Reform: Subsidies Can Help Lower Costs
08/22/2013 Insurance Department – On The Road to Health Care Reform: Policies Sold Through Exchange Subject To State Laws
08/15/2013 Insurance Department – On The Road to Health Care Reform: Low Premium/High Deductible Plans for Young Adults
07/30/2013 Insurance Department – The Road to Health Care Reform: Don’t Be Fooled By Misleading Advertising
07/17/2013 Insurance Commissioner: Connecticut Insurance Companies To Participate in Climate Risk Surveys
05/30/2013 Insurance Department Recovers $2.3 Million for Policyholders, Taxpayers in 1st Quarter
05/22/2013 Insurance Commissioner Announces Settlement With CIGNA over Disability Insurance Claims
04/24/2013 Insurance Commissioner: Anthem To Readjust Claims For Behavioral Health Providers
02/13/2013 Insurance Commissioner: Department Extends Automatic Renewal For Emergency Casualty Adjusters In Wake of Blizzard
02/07/2013 Winter Storm Damage to Home and Cars: What Policyholders Need to Know
01/31/2013 Insurance Department Recovers $8.7M for Policyholders, Taxpayers in 2012
01/28/2013 Insurance Commissioner Leonardi Named To Key International Regulatory Posts
2012 Media Releases
11/20/2012 Insurance Department Recovers $2.3M for Policyholders, Taxpayers in 3rd Quarter
11/06/2012 Governor Offers Fact Sheet on How To Apply For Storm Sandy Federal Aid
10/30/2012 Notice from the Connecticut Insurance Department on Hurricane Deductibles (PDF)
10/05/2012 Risk Management Specialist To Lead New Captive Insurance Regulatory Unit
08/09/2012 Commissioner Leonardi: CT Lead In Group Supervision A ‘Best Practice’ for Consumers, Industry and State
07/19/2012 Insurance Department Recovers $2.4M for Policyholders, Taxpayers in 2nd Quarter
06/21/2012 Health Insurance Rebates - HHS detailed breakdown of rebates by state and by market
06/21/2012 U.S. Department of Health & Human Services on Health Insurance Rebates
06/18/2012 Insurance Commissioner: State Receives $1 Million In Multi-State AIG Settlement
06/06/2012 Insurance Department: “Be Prepared” Web Page A Resource for Tropical Storm Season
06/05/2012 Commissioner Leonardi: New Insurance Legislation Strengthens State’s Global Oversight of Industry
05/15/2012 Commissioner Leonardi Statement On MetLife Settlement
05/11/2012 Insurance Department Expands Consumer Outreach With Series of Short Educational Videos
04/05/2012 Insurance Commissioner: Consumers To Receive Timely Notice of Health Carriers’ Rate Filing
03/21/2012 Insurance Commissioner’s Statement On The Hartford’s Business Plans
03/20/2012 Insurance Department: Be Prepared for Spring Risks, Create or Update Home Inventory
02/24/2012 Connecticut Becomes First U.S. Insurance Regulator to Join International Information Exchange Agreement
2011 Media Releases
12/30/2011 Insurance Department Offers Resources To Prepare, Protect Against Winter Risks
12/19/2011 Connecticut, German Regulators Sign Cooperation Agreement
12/09/2011 Insurance Department Releases Revised Coastal Underwriting Guidelines
10/21/2011 Connecticut Insurance Department Recovers $1.6M for Consumers, Taxpayers in 3rd Quarter
09/30/2011 CID Regulation of Third Party Administrators Begins October 1, 2011
09/23/2011 Connecticut, Swiss Regulators Sign Cooperation Agreement
09/01/2011 Insurance Department Offers Tips For Filing Flood Insurance Claims (Must Be Filed Within 60 Days of Flood)
08/09/2011 When Disaster Strikes: Insurance Department Offers New Web Page, Guidelines When Filing Claims
07/26/2011 Connecticut Insurance Department Recovers $2.4 Million for Consumers Since January
06/24/2011 Commissioner Leonardi: Applications for Licenses Going All Paperless on August 1. Online Applications Part of Statewide Push For More Efficiencies, Cost-Savings
05/27/2011 State Insurance Regulators, Congressional Members Discuss Regulatory Reforms in Health Care, Finance
05/20/2011 State and Federal Laws Give Class of 2011 More Health Insurance Options
05/19/2011 Commissioner Leonardi’s Statement On HHS Rate Review Regulations
04/28/2011 Insurance Department Launches Inquiry Into Practices of Death Benefit Payments
04/28/2011 Insurance Department Launches New PSA To Help Consumers Find “The Right Fit”
04/15/2011 Home Inventories Are Essential To Protect Homeowners’ Prized Possessions
04/01/2011 Insurance Department Issues Cease & Desist Order Against Unlicensed Health Plan Marketers - Companies Must Provide List of Connecticut Customers in 30 Days
03/18/2011 Web Site Upgrade Enhances Public Comment, Transparency for Rate Filing Requests
02/03/2011 Winter Damage To Home and Cars: What Policyholders Needs To Know (PDF)
01/31/2011 Insurance Department Fines Assurant Subsidiaries $400,000 for Multiple Violations (PDF)
01/24/2011 Connecticut Insurance Department Recovers Nearly $6 Million for Consumers, Taxpayers in 2010 (PDF)
2010 Media Releases
11/08/2010 Insurance Commissioner Fines Health Net of Connecticut for Information Security Lapses (PDF 21K)
11/03/2010 Hearing For Anthem’s 2011 Rate Filing Scheduled (PDF 37K)
10/22/2010 Commissioner Sullivan Intends To Hold A Rate Hearing For Anthem’s 2011 Rate Filing (37K PDF)
10/22/2010 Insurance Department Receives Rate Review Grant Funds (PDF 47K)
10/19/2010 Connecticut Insurance Department Fines American Modern Home Insurance Company $170,000 - Licensing Practices Not in Compliance with Connecticut Law (PDF)
08/17/2010 RETAINED ASSET ACCOUNTS AND LIFE INSURANCE: What Consumers Need to Know About Life Insurance Benefit Payment Options (PDF 48K)
07/27/2010 Insurance Department Recovers Nearly $600K for Consumers in Q2 (PDF 22K)
06/25/2010 STORM TIPS (PDF 47K)
06/22/2010 Commissioner Sullivan Alerts Connecticut Consumers of Unlicensed Health Insurers (PDF 45K)
06/15/2010 Disaster Planning for Small Businesses: Review and Update Your Business Insurance in Case Disaster Strikes (PDF 59K)
06/11/2010 Insurance Department Awarded For Outstanding Internal Communications (PDF 32K)
06/03/2010 Buyer Beware: Members left with unpaid health care bills (Tennessee based American Trade Association, Inc, American Trade Association, LLC and Smart Data Solutions, LLC, as well as Serve America Assurance) (PDF 37K)
05/25/2010 Stranger Originated/Owned Annuities Subject of NAIC Public Hearing (PDF 36K)
05/18/2010 Good News For Many Laid-off Connecticut Workers - Continuation of Group Health Coverage extended to 30 Months (PDF 58K)
04/27/2010 Connecticut Insurance Department Warns Consumers to be on alert for Health Care Reform Scams. (PDF 36K)
04/21/2010 Insurance Department recovers over $1M in first quarter. (PDF 22K)
04/09/2010 Connecticut Insurance Department Fines Chicago Title Insurance Company $62,000 (PDF 18K)
04/08/2010 Connecticut Insurance Department Fines GEICO Companies $177,500 (PDF 21K)
04/06/2010 Connecticut Insurance Department now on Facebook (PDF 34K)
03/25/2010 ‘Boomerangers’ And Parents Face New Insurance Reality (PDF 44K)
03/01/2010 Connecticut Insurance Department Fines Zurich Insurance Group $235,000  (PDF 18K)
01/27/2010 Connecticut Insurance Department recovered over $3M in 2009 (PDF 131K)
2009 Media Releases
11/18/2009 Insurance Department Demands Answers (PDF 24 kb)
10/27/2009 Insurance Department Launches Online Consumer Complaint System (PDF 25 kb)
10/21/2009 “Over $700K recovered for Connecticut Consumers,” Insurance Commissioner says. (PDF 20 kb)
10/06/2009 Getting Prepared for Flu Season: What You Should Know About Your Insurance Coverage and the H1N1 Influenza Outbreak (PDF 41 kb)
09/14/2009 Life Insurance: Securing Your Family's Future in Case of Unexpected Death (PDF 32 kb)
09/03/2009 Insurance Department puts Surety Bail Bond Agents on Notice (PDF 28 kb)
08/28/2009 STAY AHEAD OF THE STORM: Tips to protect your property (PDF 35 kb)
07/30/2009 Insurance Department helps consumers to the tune of $1.3M in Q2 (PDF 20 kb)
07/23/2009 Connecticut Insurance Department Fines Safeco Companies $434,000 (PDF 20 kb)
06/18/2009 PROPERTY INSURANCE: Protecting Your Summer Investment (PDF 46 kb)
06/15/2009 Protect Yourself From Insurance Fraud (PDF 37 kb)
05/21/2009 PREPARE to weather any storm (PDF 32 kb)
05/01/2009 Insurance Department Recovers $519,629 for Consumers in Q1 (PDF 20 kb)
04/23/2009 NAIC Helps Military Research, Recover Life Insurance Compensation (PDF 25 kb)
04/06/2009 Insurance Commissioner Orders $1.3M In Fines And Restitution (PDF 18 kb)
03/24/2009 Insurance Department Orders Nearly $1M In Fines And Restitution (PDF 20 kb)
03/06/2009 Connecticut Offers Captive Insurers a Place to Call Home (PDF 23 kb)
02/26/2009 Over $3M recovered for consumers by the Insurance Department (PDF 159 kb)
02/19/2009 Insurance Commissioner Testifies in Support of Bail Bond Reform (PDF 125 kb)
02/03/2009 Insurance Department holds companies/agents accountable to the tune of $4.1M in 2008 (PDF 121 kb)
01/05/2009 Insurance Department Now Accepting Applications Online (PDF 125 kb)
01/05/2009 Insurance Commissioner Issues Fine of over $5.9 million for Operating Insurance Company Illegally (PDF 38 kb)
2008 Media Releases
12/23/2008 CONSUMERS: Resolve to get smart about insurance in 2009 (PDF 157 kb)
11/25/2008 Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage: Open Enrollment, A Good Time to Review Your Coverage (PDF 45 kb)
11/10/2008 Insurance Commissioner gets nearly $483,000 for consumers harmed by agent (PDF 38 kb)
11/05/2008 Good news for personal auto insurance policyholders (PDF 122 kb) -
Insurance Commissioner Thomas R. Sullivan announced today that Connecticut continues to see favorable trends in auto insurance premiums...

Over $1.4M recovered by the Insurance Department (PDF 51 kb)

09/25/2008 Bankers Life Insurance Company fined $100,000 (PDF 32 kb)
08/11/2008 Over $600K recovered by the Insurance Department (PDF 41 kb)
07/30/2008 Are Connecticut Consumers Prepared For Disasters? What you need to know about insurance before disaster strikes. (PDF 56 kb)
07/25/2008 Connecticut Insurance Department Fines CNA Insurance Group $96,000 (43 kb)
07/21/2008 Connecticut Insurance Regulators Participate in Multistate Exam (PDF 28 kb)
07/10/2008 Connecticut Insurance Department Fines Vermont Mutual Insurance Company $144,000 (PDF 37 kb)
NEW INSURE U TOPICS REFLECT CHANGING NATION - Program Adds Domestic Partners, Single Parents, Raising Grandchildren, Military (PDF 79 kb)
05/29/2008 Nearly Half of Americans Unprepared for Disasters, New Survey Reveals. (PDF 70 kb)
04/21/2008 Insurance Commissioner announces over $500K in recovery on behalf of consumers. (PDF 37 kb)

Insurance Commissioner Revokes Agent’s License For Fraudulent And Deceitful Conduct. (PDF 32 kb)

03/19/2008 Prepared for a Flood? Melt off and heavy rains lead consumers to consider flood insurance. (PDF 30 kb)
03/10/2008 Connecticut Insurance Department Fines White Mountain Group $362,000 (PDF 23 kb)
03/06/2008 Connecticut Insurance Department Offers Important Consumer Advice to Baby-Boomers - What retirees need to know about Medicare, Health Insurance options. (PDF 43 kb)
02/07/2008 Connecticut Licensees Update Information Online
01/31/2008 Connecticut Insurance Department Fines Wisconsin based Insurance Companies $173,000 - Market Conduct Exam Reveals Practices Not in Compliance with Connecticut Law
01/30/2008 THOUGHT YOU KNEW ABOUT ANNUITIES? ASSESS BEFORE YOU INVEST - Connecticut Insurance Commissioner Thomas R. Sullivan offers 8 tips to use when considering annuitie
2007 Media Releases
12/13/2007 WINTER WEATHER: What to Do When Your Home or Car Is Damaged in a Winter Storm
12/10/2007 Attorney General, Consumer Protection, Insurance Department Announce $700,000 Settlement In Alleged Title Insurance Kickback Scheme (pdf 50 kb)
12/05/2007 Posters Ensure Consumers Know Their Rights.
11/16/2007 Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Enrollment Period: What you need to know.
09/26/2007 Insurance Commissioner announces over $1 Million in recovery on behalf of consumeres.
09/24/2007 Good News For Policyholders of Personal Auto Insurance.
09/07/2007 COLLEGE STUDENTS SHOULD HIT THE BOOKS ON INSURANCE - Connecticut Insurance Department and National Association of Insurance Commissioners Offers Tips.
09/06/2007 State Insurance Regulators reach historic global settlement with UNITED HEALTHCARE Insurance Companies.
08/02/2007 Do you need long-term care insurance? - Connecticut Insurance Commissioner Offers Tips for Consumers.
05/15/2007 Medical Malpractice Insurer Requests Rate Decrease
05/10/2007 Connecticut Insurance Commissioner Thomas R. Sullivan Urges Review of Insurance Policies and Planning for Disasters
05/03/2007 Connecticut Insurance Commissioner Thomas R. Sullivan Supports NAIC Insure U for Small Business Program
03/29/2007 Insurance Commissioner enters into agreement with Assurant to provide restitution to policyholders.
01/11/2007 Don't Put Your Auto Insurance On Auto-Pilot
2006 Media Releases
12/05/2006 Insurance Department Release A Report on the Availability of Homeowners Insurance along the Connecticut coastline.
10/23/2006 Insurance Department Releses 2005 Rankings for Accident, Health and Authomobile Insurance Companies
09/18/2006 Connecticut Insurance Department Announces Informational Forum On Coastal Homeowners Coverage
09/07/2006 Agreement Reached on 90-Day Delay in 'Shutter Coverage' Insurance Case
08/31/2006 UnitedHealthcare and Oxford Health Plans Donate Mammography Equipment
08/08/2006 Insurance Commissioner Cogswell Urges Policyholders To Find New Coverage—Texas Court Places Companies In Receivership
08/04/2006 Governor Rell Says Multi-State Settlement to Result in Cash Refunds and Modifications to Insurance Policies for Military Personnel
03/28/2006 Connecticut Insurance Commissioner Susan F. Cogswell Helps Launch Insure U National Public Education Program to Help Consumers Get Smart About Insurance
2005 Media Releases
11/15/2005 Notice of Public Hearing to consider ProSelect Insurance Company rate change request
11/10/2005 Connecticut Departments of Insurance, Consumer Protection and Motor Vehicles Warn Used Car Buyers
10/24/2005 Policy Briefing on "Consumer-Driven" Healthcare
10/18/2005 Insurance Department Releases 2004 Rankings for Accident, Health and Automobile Insurance Companies
08/03/2005 Insurance Regulator, Healthcare Advocate Warn that Trouble is Brewing in Washington for Connecticut Health Insurance Consumers
07/01/2005 Insurance Department Affirms Order Concerning Jobs Commitment on Travelers Life and Annuity Acquisition
06/30/2005 Insurance Department Announces Decision on Travelers Life and Annuity Acquisition
05/13/2005 Insurance Department Announces Hearing on Travelers Life and Annuity Acquisition
2004 Media Releases
12/10/2004 Insurance Department Announces Hearing on Connecticare Acquisition
09/28/2004 Workers' Compensation Filing Announced
09/15/2004 Insurance Department Releases 2003 Rankings for Accident & Health and Automobile Insurance Companies
07/29/2004 Insurance Department Approves Sale of Oxford Health Plans (CT) to UnitedHealth Group Incorporated
06/21/2004 Insurance Department Announces REVISED Hearing Notice on Oxford Acquisition
01/27/2004 Insurance Department Announces a Hearing on the Proposed Merger of Travelers Property Casualty and St. Paul
2003 Media Releases
06/30/2003 Connecticut Insurance Department Announces the Launch of the PORTAL Web Site
2002 Media Releases
12/16/2002 Medicare Supplement Switching Alert
11/19/2002 Ice storm Insurance Tips for Homeowners
11/18/2002 Connecticut Insurance Department Hosts 4th Annual Insurance Fraud Summit
11/01/2002 Tips for Saving on Your Homeowners Insurance
10/23/2002 Workers' Compensation Filing Announced
06/25/2002 Departments Announce Alternative Health Insurance Option for Farmers
02/07/2002 The Insurance Department Announces Company Rehabilitation (The Connecticut Surety Company)
01/04/2002 Anthem Demutualization - Release of Funds
2001 Media Releases
12/26/2001 Connecticut Insurance Department Closes Down Agencies
10/16/2001 Insurance Department Releases 2000 Rankings for Accident, Health and Automobile Insurance Companies
10/10/2001 Department Orders Hole-in-One Golf Marketer to Cease and Desist
07/30/2001 Connecticut Insurance Department moving
05/01/2001 Connecticut Insurance Department Announces Joining the CLIC Site - Allowing Consumers Easier Access to Agent Information
2000 Media Releases
11/22/2000 Insurance Department Approves Sale of Hartford Steam Boiler to American International Group
11/20/2000 Workers’ Compensation Filings Approved<
11/17/2000 Insurance Department Announces New Rates for Seniors - Anthem BlueCross and BlueShield Medicare Supplement Rates Changing
11/15/2000 Connecticut Hosts 2nd Insurance Fraud Summit
11/13/2000 Insurance Department Releases 1999 Rankings for Accident and Health and Automobile Insurance Companies.
11/06/2000 Insurance Department Approves Sale of Aetna Life Insurance Company to Ing Groep, N.V.
11/06/2000 Department Announces Hearing on the Acquisition of The Hartford Steam Boiler by American International Group, Inc.
11/03/2000 Connecticut Insurance Department Alerts Area Residents to Insurance Investigation<
10/30/2000 Workers’ Compensation Filing Announced
09/15/2000 Department to Hold Hearings on ING Acquisition of Aetna Financial and International
09/13/2000 Insurance Fraud Hits Home
<08/25/2000 Insurance Commissioner Announces New Progress on Prompt Payment Law
08/21/2000 Department Warns Connecticut Consumers - Beware of Internet Insurance Scams
1999 Media Releases
11/24/1999 Insurance Commissioner George M. Reider, Jr. approved new workers' compensation loss costs and assigned risks rates effective January 1, 2000.
1998 Media Releases
12/15/1998 Connecticut Insurance Commissioner George M. Reider, Jr. was elected to serve as the President of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners by the NAIC membership at the Winter National Meeting.
11/23/1998 Insurance Commissioner George M. Reider, Jr. today announced approval of two workers’ compensation filings submitted by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI).
10/16/1998 Insurance Commissioner George M. Reider, Jr. today announced a public hearing will be held November 19, 1998 at 10:00 A.M. at the Insurance Department, 10th floor, 153 Market Street, Hartford, to consider two workers' compensation filings ...
09/17/1998 Insurance Coverage for Year 2000 Computer Problems
01/21/1998 Insurance Commissioner George M. Reider, Jr. reminds all insurance producers that effective February 1, 1996 all persons soliciting, negotiating, or effecting insurance must renew their licenses ...
1997 Media Releases
11/18/1997 Insurance Commissioner George M. Reider, Jr. announced approval of two workers' compensation filings submitted by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI).
05/29/1997 Public hearing on the proposed merger of Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Connecticut, Inc. with and into Anthem Health Plans, Inc. and Connecticut American, Incorporated commences on June 24, 1997.

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