CID: Third Party Administrators

Third Party Administrators

Public Act 11-58, which took effect October 1, 2011, gives the Connecticut Insurance Department oversight of third party administrators (TPA). A TPA is an entity that collects premiums, underwrites, adjusts or settles claims on behalf of a life, annuity or health insurer. This site includes several resources, forms and contact information for TPAs seeking to either obtain a Connecticut license or register with the Department.
License or Registration
In order to operate in Connecticut TPAs must either be licensed or registered with the Department. All licensing is done through the National Insurance Producers Registry (NIPR).

Those entities exempted by statute from TPA licensure, but perform some elements of TPA service must Register with the Department. A list of exemptions for licensure may be found on the TPA registration form below.
For Licenses
For Registration
Other Resources:
Contacts or questions:
For more information, contact Peter Nakano, 860-297-3921,

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