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Bulletin Type: Licensing (L) | Market Conduct (MC) | Property & Casualty (PC) | Policy Forms (PF) | Sales (S)

07/19/2016 BULLETIN HC-86-16 (NEW) Licensing & Renewal Requirements For Utilizations Review Companies (This Bulletin recinds Bulletin HC-86-15 dated July 8, 2015)
07/07/2016 BULLETIN HC-114 (NEW) Required Coverage for Tomosynthesis
07/05/2016 BULLETIN PC-82 (NEW) Connecticut Insurance Department Requirements for Submitting Property and Casualty Filings via the System for Electronic Rate and Form Filing ("SERFF")
06/30/2016 BULLETINS FS-31 2017 Operative Date of Principal Based Reserving Valuation Manual
06/22/2016 BULLETIN HC-113 Annual Filing of Formularies
05/31/2016 BULLETIN HC-112 Health Insurance Coverage for Pain Management – Conn. Gen. Stat. §38a-492i and §38a-518i
03/07/2016 BULLETIN S-17 Required Disclosure For Indexed-Linked Annuities
03/02/2016 BULLETIN HC-111 Health Insurance Coverage for Preventative Services (This Bulletin repeals and replaces Bulletin HC-100)
02/16/2016 BULLETIN HC-110 Moratorium On Health Insurance Provider Fee
02/05/2016 BULLETIN HC-109 Maximum Cost Sharing Amounts on Health Insurance Plans (This Bulletin repeals and replaces Bulletin HC-94)
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