CID: Current List of Bulletins

Bulletin Type: Licensing (L) | Market Conduct (MC) | Property & Casualty (PC) | Policy Forms (PF) | Sales (S)

12/12/2017 (NEW) BULLETIN FS-32 Effective Date of Changes Made to the Principle-Based Reserving Valuation Manual
12/11/2017 (NEW) BULLETIN FS-4C-17 Financial Reporting For CAPTIVE INSURERS
12/11/2017 (NEW) BULLETIN FS-4RR-17 Financial Reporting and Other Requirements for RISK RETENTION GROUPS
12/06/2017 (NEW) BULLETIN FS-4-17 Annual Statement - Click here for Checklists
12/06/2017 (NEW) BULLETIN FS-4AR-17 Financial Reporting Requirements for ALL ACCREDITED REINSURERS
12/06/2017 (NEW) BULLETIN FS-4SL-17 Financial Reporting Requirements for ALL ELIGIBLE SURPLUS LINES INSURERS
09/13/2017 BULLETIN L-22 Changes To The Licensing Requirements Applicable To Individuals and Business Entities Marketing Travel Insurance Products
08/01/2017 BULLETIN PC-86 Public Act No. 17-114 (the “Act”) increases the minimum amount of automobile insurance a person must maintain to register a private passenger motor vehicle.
07/21/2017 BULLETIN IC-38 Terrorism Risk Insurance Data Call
07/14/2017 BULLETIN PC-85 (Update of Bulletin PC-78) Concerning Insurance Rates for Voluntary Market Personal Risk Policies—“Flex-Rate Filings” Under Public Act No. 17-121
06/16/2017 BULLETIN PC-84 Filing Fee For Extended Warranty Contracts (Amendment to Bulletin PC-45-03 dated October 30, 2003)
06/13/2017 BULLETIN MC-23 Certification and Notice Requirements Concerning Security Program to Safeguard Personal Information
04/04/2017 BULLETIN HC-118 Coinsurance in HMO Plan Designs
03/02/2017 BULLETIN HC-117-17Network Adequacy Review (repeals and replaces Bulletin HC-117) - Click here for Network Adequacy Survey Form
BULLETIN HC-113-17Annual Filing of Formularies (repeals and replaces Bulletin HC-113) - Click here for Formulary Survey Form
03/02/2017 BULLETIN HC-90-17Filing Requirements For Individual and Small Employer Group Health Insurance Policies Subject to The Affordable Care Act (ACA)
03/02/2017 BULLETIN HC-81-17Health Insurance Rate Filing Submission Guidelines
01/23/2017 BULLETIN FS-4C-16 Financial Reporting For CAPTIVE INSURERS
01/23/2017 BULLETIN FS-4RR-16 Financial Reporting and Other Requirements for RISK RETENTION GROUPS
01/13/2017 BULLETIN PC-83 Public Act No. 16-136 - Automobile and Homeowners Insurance Third Party Designation (This Bulletin rescinds and replaces Bulletin PC-51)
01/09/2017 BULLETIN IC-37 Consumer Disclosure of Contractual Limitations Period in The Event of A Claim Denial
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