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BULLETIN HC-109 Maximum Cost Sharing Amounts on Health Insurance Plans(NEW)(This Bulletin repeals and replaces Bulletin HC-94)
12/04/2015 BULLETIN PC-81 Price Optimization (NEW)
11/17/2015 BULLETIN FS-4-15 Annual Statement - Click here for Checklists
11/17/2015 BULLETIN FS-4AR-15 Financial Reporting Requirements for ALL ACCREDITED REINSURERS
11/17/2015 BULLETIN FS-4C-15 Financial Reporting Requirements for CAPTIVE INSURERS
11/17/2015 BULLETIN FS-4RR-15 Financial Reporting Requirements for RISK RETENTION GROUPS
11/17/2015 BULLETIN FS-4SL-15 Financial Reporting Requirements for ALL ELIGIBLE SURPLUS LINES INSURERS
11/12/2015 BULLETIN HC-108 and PC-80 Stop Loss Insurance Coverage AKA Excess Reimbursement Insurance Policies or Excess Insurance Coverage Policies (This bulletin rescinds and replaces bulletin HC-103 and PC-79)
10/23/2015 BULLETIN HC-107 Health Insurance Coverage for Work Related Injuries, Accidents, and/or Sicknesses (This Bulletin rescinds Bulletin HC-l01 issued on December 1, 2014)
10/09/2015 BULLETIN HC-106 Rate Filing For Small Employer Plans
09/23/2015 BULLETIN HC-105 Qualified Vendors For Utilization Review Of Behavioral Health (This Bulletin repeals and replaces BULLETIN HC-93)
09/08/2015 BULLETIN FS-16-15 Penalties for Late Filing of Annual and Quarterly Financial Statements to be Filed with the Insurance Department (Amends and Supersedes BULLETIN FS-16-08)
08/13/2015 BULLETIN HC-104 Bulletin HC-104 Health Insurance Coverage for Infertility Treatment and Procedures – Conn. Gen. Stat. § 38a-509 and § 38a-536 (This bulletin repeals and replaces bulletin HC-64)
07/08/2015 BULLETIN HC-86-15 Licensing & Renewal Requirements For Utilization Review Companies
07/08/2015 BULLETIN HC-103 and PC-79 Stop Loss Insurance Coverage AKA Excess Reimbursement Insurance Policies or Excess Insurance Coverage Policies (rescinded and replaced by bulletin HC-108 and PC-80)
06/30/2015 BULLETIN PC-78 Insurance Rates for Voluntary Market Personal Risk Policies-"Flex-Rate Filings" Under Public Act No. 15-185 Concerning Insurance Rates for Voluntary Market Personal Risk Policies -- "Flex-Rate Filings" Under Public Act No. 13-167 (This bulletin supersedes Bulletin PC-74 dated 09/3/2013)
06/16/2015 BULLETIN HC-102 Clarifies Connecticut's mandated coverage for hearing aids under Conn. Gen. Stat. § 38a-490b and § 38a-516b in relation to changes brought about under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
05/06/2015 BULLETIN PC-77 Winter Storms - Prohibition on Declination, Cancellation and Nonrenewal Of Homeowners insurance Policies based solely as a result of Catastrophe(s)
02/18/2015 BULLETIN HC-90-15 Filing Requirements for Individual and Small Group Health Insurance Policies Subject to ACA
02/18/2015 BULLETIN HC-81-15 Health Insurance Rate Filing Submission Guidelines
02/05/2015 BULLETIN PC-76 Filing Procedures for Compliance with the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2015
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