CID: New Releases (11/20/2012) - Insurance Department Recovers $2.3M for Policyholders, Taxpayers in 3rd Quarter

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Insurance Department
Thomas B. Leonardi
Donna Tommelleo
November 20th, 2012

Insurance Department Recovers
$2.3M for Policyholders, Taxpayers in 3rd Quarter

The Department’s Consumer Affairs Unit (CAU) fielded more than 1,500 complaints and inquiries and helped policyholders recoup nearly $1.2 million from July 1 through September 30. During that same period, the Market Conduct division levied more than $1.1 million in fines against carriers and returned that money to the state General Fund. The fines resulted from a variety of violations and settlements ranging from untimely claim payments to improper licensing.

“Consumers expect their insurance companies to come through for them in times of need and when that doesn’t happen we want to know about it. Whether it’s a dispute over health insurance or a homeowner’s claim, this Department holds carriers accountable when they fail to adhere to state laws and regulations,” Commissioner Leonardi said. “I encourage anyone with a complaint or question to contact the Department and utilize the resources we have to assist you in resolution.

Since January 1, the Department has recovered more than $6.3 million for policyholders and state taxpayers, the Commissioner said.

The majority of the funds recovered for policyholders stemmed from complaints over health, accident, homeowners and life and annuities policies. The breakdown of funds recovered from July 1-September 30 is:

  • Accident, Health - $677,800
  • Auto - $98,260
  • Fire and Commercial - $4,320
  • General Liability - $14,300
  • Homeowners, Farmers - $172,900
  • Life, Annuities - $178,350
  • Miscellaneous - $22,345

The Department calculates its consumer recoveries based on what the policyholder received as a result of the Department’s intervention. The inquiries and complaints also help the Department identify industry trends that may adversely affect consumers. This data also helps determine topics for consumer education and as tools to help the Department monitor the industry. The Market Conduct enforcement actions are posted on the Department’s Web site at


About the Connecticut Insurance Department: The mission of the Connecticut Insurance Department is to protect consumers through regulation of the industry, outreach, education and advocacy. The Department recovers an average of $4 million yearly on behalf of consumers and regulates the industry by ensuring carriers adhere to state insurance laws and regulations and are financially solvent to pay claims. The Department’s annual budget is funded through assessments from the insurance industry. Each year, the Department returns an average of $100 million a year to the state General Fund in license fees, premium taxes, fines and other revenue sources to support various state programs, including childhood immunization.

For help with all your insurance issues:
  • Ask a question or file a complaint online
  • Call the Consumer Helpline at 800-203-347 or 860-297-3900.
  • Sign up for e-alerts to get the latest news, warnings and rate changes that may affect your premium
  • Visit the Department’s “Be Prepared” page that is updated with seasonal risks
  • Download consumer FAQs on health, homeowner and auto coverage
  • Use the Department’s Speakers Bureau for public events.
  • Visit our Web site and follow the Department on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube

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