CID: Health Insurance Rate Filing - Aetna Health Inc. (Larger Group)

Health Insurance Rate Filing - Aetna Health Inc. (Larger Group)

Rate request 1.6 percent increase for medical and pharmacy plans

Decision Approved as submitted
On October 3, Aetna Health Inc. filed a request for a 1.6 percent increase on large group medical policies for employers with 51 or more workers. The company sought the increase to account for the impact of new regulatory fees on health insurance and reinsurance associated with the federal health care reform law. This is the same block of business the company sought no rate change for in its May 17, 2012 filing with the Department.  After an actuarial review, the Department determined the increase was justified and was actuarially supported.  The new rates will be applied in 2013 on 436 policies that provide coverage for about 21,000 individuals in Connecticut.
Find the filing, brief summary and public comment section here at Health Insurance Rate Filings

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