CID: Consumer Warning - 03/30/2011

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Insurance Department
Thomas B. Leonardi
{Consumer Warning}
Donna Tommelleo, 860-297-3958
March 30th, 2011

Insurance Department Warning Consumers
Not To Accept Offers for Health Coverage from Unlicensed Entities
Verify Before You Buy: Call 800-203-3447

The Connecticut Insurance Department is advising consumers to be aware of a number of unlicensed entities that may be marketing health insurance or medical discount plans, marketing the products largely over the Internet.
Insurance Commissioner Thomas B. Leonardi said the Department has identified several unlicensed or unauthorized entities that have been known to market health insurance, limited medical plans or medical discount cards through Web sites, by phone, e-mail and by fax.
“If they have no license, then they have no business doing business in Connecticut. Period.” Commissioner Leonardi said. “Consumers can easily find out what insurance companies are authorized to sell health insurance in Connecticut by contacting the Department either by phone or on our Web site. It is tremendously important that consumers verify before they buy.”
The following is a list of unlicensed or unauthorized entities that may be selling health insurance products in Connecticut:
  • Metropolitan Business Alliance LLC
  • United States Contractors Association
  • United States Contractors Trust
  • Viking Administrators, LLC
  • Association of Independent Managers
  • Integrated Insurance Marketing, Inc
  • AIM Health Plans, Inc
  • Insurance Resource Group
  • Venture Support Group, LLC
  • Southeast Insurance Advisors, LLC
  • Wilshire Holding, LLC
  • World Wide Family Benefits Association, Inc.
“We do not know if some of these entities are currently marketing in Connecticut but we want consumers to be armed with the facts ahead of time and to always keep in mind the adage that if an offer sounds too good to be true, it usually is. The best consumer protection is awareness, prevention and education and the Insurance Department is here to offer all three,” Commissioner Leonardi said.
The Department is offering the following tips to protect yourself:
  • Do NOT respond to any unsolicited telephone calls, e-mails or faxes offering products sold over the Internet without verifying whether the seller is licensed in Connecticut.  Consumers who purchase these "policies" typically do not find out that they have become victims until they go to make a medical claim which is unpaid or the company cannot be located.
  • Do VISIT our Web site: for a daily updated list of licensed insurers at
  • Do EMAIL the Department through the “Ask a Question” link on our Web site
  • Do CALL the Department’s dedicated Consumer Affairs Team at 800-203-3447. They can:
    • Determine quickly if the offer of insurance is a legitimate one and if the entity is properly licensed to offer health insurance. 
    • Provide information on all companies that are properly licensed in the state and can provide assistance to consumers searching for health insurance

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