CHRO: Kids Speak and Kids Court

Kids Speak and Kids Court


Kids Speak

Kids Speak is a day for students from Connecticut to come together and discuss topics related to civil and human rights. This forum will raise students’ consciousness regarding diversity, school climate and culture, anti-bullying, equal protection, neighborhood isolation and housing, busing, individuality, educational equity, and much more!


Kids Court

The Kids Court Essay Competition kicks off on May 22, 2019 with Kids Speak, an event to be held at the University of Connecticut School of Law.  Kids Court will provide an opportunity for students to write a short essay on one of five civil rights topics.  Students are not required to participate in Kids Speak in order to compete in the Kids Court Essay Competition. Students with the top essays from Middle School and the top essays from High School will be selected as finalists to present their


Kids Speak Jr.

Kids Speak Jr. is a new version of Kids Speak aimed at students in grades 3-5. Just like Kids Speak, Kids Speak Jr. will be a day for kids from all over the state to come together to discuss civil rights issues in a way that is right for them.


Kids Court Jr.

To accompany our new Kids Speak Jr. event is a new Kids Court Jr. event! The competition is open to any Connecticut student in grades 3-5. Participating students can draw a picture representing their thoughts on one of the year’s topics and then write a paragraph explaining their picture.

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