CHRO: Employment


It is illegal for employers, employment agencies or labor organizations to discriminate based on a protected class. That means that factors listed below as protected classes cannot be used when making decisions or taking actions related to recruitment, hiring, referring, classifying, promoting, advertising, discharging, training, laying off, compensating or establishing other conditions or terms of employment.

Protected classes in employment are:

Criminal Record ( in state employment & licensing only)

Gender Identity or Expression
Genetic Information
Learning Disability
Marital Status
Mental Disability
Intellectual Disability
National Origin
Physical Disability
Religious Creed
Sex, including pregnancy and sexual harassment

Sexual Orientation

You may be a victim of illegal discrimination, if one or more of these factors was considered in an employment decision that adversely effected you. If you would like to learn how to file a complaint, link here now. For more information on the complaint process, link here.

To review CHRO's Sexual Harassment Prevent Policy and Complaint Procedure for sexual harassment complaints, link here. This will also lead you to the State Regulations for Sexual Harassment Posting and Training and Sexual Harassment Poster.

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