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Inquiry Response Program
Inquiry Response Program

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Inquiry Response Program

A staff member of the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities will try to answer any question you may have about the mission, function and purpose of the agency.  Many of your general questions may very well be answered within this web site.  Click here to return to our Home Page to review a general index of this web site.

To contact the CHRO Inquiry Response Program:

Phone:    860-541-3400       Fax:    860-246-5418 

TDD:    860-541-3459

We will make every effort to respond to all general inquiries within 24 hours.

If you are working with a CHRO staff member regarding a specific case/complaint, you should direct your inquiries about that case to that staff person. If you find that person unresponsive, contact the Regional Manager overseeing that investigation, or contact Commission Counsel if the case is in the public hearing stage. If you have filed a complaint but don't know who is working on your case, contact the regional office where you filed your complaint. Visit contacting us for a list of all our offices and contact information.

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