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CT Fire Academy Winter Recruit Orientation 2017-2018
  The Connecticut Fire Academy Recruit Firefighter Program is a 14 week resident course that focuses on developing the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for the newly hired career firefighter, or for the volunteer firefighter to perform entry-level tasks under direct supervision. The Academy is offering two orientation sessions to anyone interested in learning about the Recruit Program and its comprehensive classroom instruction and training in firefighting techniques and equipment use. The orientation offers insights into what to expect, and how to prepare for this intensive training opportunity.

2018 Connecticut Fire Academy Fire Training Calendar
  The 2018 Connecticut Fire Academy Fire Training Calendar is now available online. Available courses can be reviewed and applied for.

2018 Connecticut Fire Officer's Weekend
  Applications are now available for the 2018 Connecticut Fire Officer's Weekend at the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, Maryland March 23, 24 and 25, 2018. This weekend is a chance for Connecticut fire service personnel to experience the superior level of fire related education available at the National Fire Academy. Applicants have a choice of one of six classes, two of which have fire marshal credits available. Please review and download the attached flyer and application for information pertaining to available classes, your arrival at the NFA, as well as NFA policies. The cost of the weekend is $125.00 which includes a class,

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