CFPC: Facility Information for CFPC and CFA

Facility Information for CFPC and CFA

Administration Building
14 Classrooms, Administrative wing, full kitchen and cafeteria, 100 seat auditorium, large conference room, exercise equipment and training pool with submerged vehicle scenario. 43 dormitories for housing students, recruits and other programs are on the second floor of the outer wing of this curved building. This building has a 250 KW Diesel generator to supply emergency power to important areas.

Burn Building
State-of-the-art Fire Training Facility utilizes computer controlled propane fires in the Burn Building Scenario. Building has four fireplaces; Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom and a Storage Area. Basement area for future fireplaces.

Fire Station
Fire Station is shared with Bradley International Airport Fire Station #2. Commission on Fire Prevention and Control area contains 4 Bay apparatus area, gear room, locker room, classroom and Breathing Air Compressor for SCBA filling.

Flashover Simulator
Two level metal containers where firefighters can enter and experience a fire behavioral event called Flashover under controlled conditions.

Pump house
250,000 gallon training water tank provides water to 12 training hydrants on the training grounds.

Tank Farm
18,000 gallon LPG storage tank supplies training field with liquid and vapor propane gas.

Training Grounds
Contains 7 propane gas scenarios; Aircraft, LPG Storage tank, Fuel Truck, Paint Spray Booth, Car, Round Pit and Z-pit, 4 of which produce large liquid propane fires. Two chemical spill simulators, the "tanker on it's side" and a piping rack system, utilize water from the pump house to simulate chemical spills for Hazmat training.

Training Tower
Utilized for stairwell hose training, ladder training and repelling. Also completing a Sprinkler Laboratory to be used for Sprinkler Training.

Wireless Internet Access

The Commission on Fire Prevention and Control now offers limited wireless hotspot access to the Internet in some areas of the Connecticut Fire Academy. This public service is currently available in the following locations: Dorm Rooms, Auditorium, MultiPurpose Room, and the Classroom Wing.


Please see the Commissionís Wireless Internet Use Policy


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