CFPC: Certification Standards and Levels


State of Connecticut

Commission on Fire Prevention and Control


National Professional Qualifications Standards


The State of Connecticut Commission on Fire Prevention and Control is pleased to offer Fire Service Certification to the members of Connecticut’s fire service. Certification is an excellent means by which an individual may measure his/her knowledge, skills, and abilities against a national standard.


As indicated below, the Commission currently offers 40 levels of certification. Authority for training and certification to the level of Fire Inspector I and Fire Investigator has been delegated to the Office of State Fire Marshal. The Commission has adopted the most current edition of the Standards for Certification based on the National Fire Protection Association professional qualifications.


The certification examination process for each level consists of practical skills and written examination. The levels of Firefighter I and Firefighter II also require verification of live fire suppression activities.


All of the Commission’s Certification levels have been accredited by the ProBoard Fire Service Professional Qualifications Systems and the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress.





Levels Certified


Fire Fighter

Firefighter I

Firefighter II 


Driver Operator

Pump Operator

Aerial Operator

Tanker Operator  


Airport Fire Fighter

Airport Firefighter 


Rescue Technician

Rope Rescue I/II

Trench Rescue I/II

Vehicle/Machinery I/II

Confined Space I/II

Structural Collapse I/II (USAR)


Fire Officer

Fire Officer I

Fire Officer II

Fire Officer III

Fire Officer IV


Fire Inspector

Fire Inspector I (delegated DPS-OEDM)


Fire Investigator

Fire Investigator (delegated DPS-OEDM)


Public Fire and Life Safety Educator

Public Fire and Life Safety Educator I

Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention Specialist I


Fire Service Instructor

Fire Service Instructor I

Fire Service Instructor II

Fire Service Instructor III 


Safety Officer

Health and Safety Officer

Incident Safety Officer – Fire Suppression 


Hazardous Materials/

Weapons of Mass Destruction


Operations including mission-specific competencies


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