CFPC: 2017 Seminar Series

Seminar Series


2017 CFA Seminar Series in March – Leading With Attitude

Speaker:      Eddie Buchanan, Hanover Fire & EMS

Course #s:   March 24th (17343)  or March 25th  (17351)

Course Fee: $65.00

Course Description:

This program will explore how we, as individuals, can help ensure our departments are on track and ways we can truly make a difference in our organization, regardless of rank.

It’s easy to complain about the job, but what can you really do about it! What can you do about others who don’t love it like you do? This program offers a rankless “gut check” into how we each contribute to the success of the fire service. Concepts such as loyalty alignment, followership, and attitude are explored in detail and tangible techniques to facilitate change are offered.

Instructor Biography:

Eddie Buchanan began his fire service career in 1982 and is an assistant chief with Hanover Fire & EMS in Richmond, VA.  He is a past president of the International Society of Fire Service Instructors and is the 2015 recipient of the George D. Post, Instructor of the Year Award from the ISFSI. He serves on the NFPA Technical Committee on Fire Service Training and the newly formed NFPA 1700 Committee.  He is a past board member of the Volunteer/Combination Officer's Section of the International Association of Fire Chiefs and serves on a variety of advisory boards and committees for the fire service industry.  Chief Buchanan is known for the creation of the SLICE-RS concept that is part of the ISFSI Principles of Modern Fire Attack Program.

For more info:

You can attend any one or all of the seminars.

Completed applications should be submitted to the:

Connecticut Fire Academy Training Registrar

34 Perimeter Road

Windsor Locks, CT 06096

fax 860-654-1889 


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