CFPC: 2011 Entry-Level Training Reimbursement

This has been suspended until further notice...
Entry Level Fire Service Training Reimbursement
2011 Entry-Level Training Reimbursement

This is to confirm that funding is in place for the Commission administered Entry-Level Training Reimbursement Program for Fiscal Year 2011. It is however important to note that the appropriation for this program has been significantly reduced to $295,250. As in past years, the enabling legislation for this program permits municipalities, municipal and state agency fire departments to be reimbursed for one-half the cost of Firefighter I or Recruit Training of volunteer and career personnel who achieve certification. The maximum reimbursement rate cap will remain at $300 for Firefighter I and $2887.50 for the 14-week Recruit Firefighter Training Program or equivalent.            

To initiate the reimbursement process, fire chiefs must submit an Entry-Level Training Reimbursement Pre-Approval Request Form prior to training. Upon certification of the candidate(s), reimbursement will be made as quickly as possible.

Visit the links below to access policy and appropriate forms. 

Reimbursement forms submitted for candidates in training during the Spring, 2010 are still being honored. The shear volume and support of the Commissionís Certification Programs has caused a delay in those reimbursements being processed.                     

We encourage you to submit claim forms for training currently underway or planned for the Fall of 2010.


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