CFPC: 2017 Introduction to the Fire Service

2017 Introduction to the Fire Service

Connecticut Fire Academy announces the 2017 Introduction to the Fire Service.  This exciting program will focus on introducing youth ages 14-17 to the Fire Service.  There will be two individual sessions offered June 26th - July 1, 2017 for ages 16 and 17 and July 17-22, 2017 for ages 14 and 15.  This program is held in a "camp" type atmosphere.  Each student will reside at the Connecticut Fire Academy in Windsor Locks for the duration of the course.  Meals and lodging are included in the tuition.  All applicants must be affiliated with a Municipal Fire Department and the department Chief and applicant’s parent must sign the application.  Firefighter protective clothing is required for the program which includes a helmet, bunker coat, firefighter gloves, bunker pants with boots, safety glasses and work gloves.

Applications must be returned by April 1, 2017. Do not send payment with the application, you will be invoiced when accepted into the appropriate program.

Link to additional information and a student application.

Advanced Skills and Concepts

This program targets graduates of Introduction to the Fire Service who are between the ages of 16-17 and who are affiliated with a municipal Fire Department. The dates for the 2017 Advanced Skills and Concepts class are Monday August 7, through Saturday August 12, 2017.


This exciting program will continue the process of preparing youths ages 16-17 for the Fire Service. Students will be exposed to a series of advanced skills and concepts designed to expand and sharpen their skill and knowledge base and leadership abilities.  Some of the topics covered include: Vehicle Extrication, High-Angle Rescue, Standpipe Operations, and Introduction to Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus, Teaching Methodology and Leadership.


Applications must be returned by April 1, 2017. Do not send payment with the application, you will be invoiced when accepted into the appropriate program.


Link to Advanced Skills and Concepts flyer and application.


Junior Counselor Application

Since 2011, Junior Counselors have been incorporated into the leadership and educational structure of Introduction to the Fire Service Classes delivered by the Connecticut Fire Academy.  Below are links to the Junior Counselor Application and an informational letter from ITTFS Program Coordinator Ian Tenney, which outlines details and requirements for potential candidates.

Please note that any successful graduate of a Regular (July) ITTFS Session that meets the minimum requirements may participate in the competitive selection process for the July Sessions.  In order to qualify for a position as a Junior Counselor in the Advanced Skills And Concepts (ASAC) Program, a candidate must have graduated from a previous ASAC Session.

This position does not require a tuition fee on the part of the candidate or the candidate’s Fire Department.  The Junior Counselor position is an unpaid internship position.  Room, board, uniform shirts and ballcap are provided.

Link to informational letter from ITTFS program coordinator

Link to Junior Counselor Application

   Application must be received by March 24, 2017 to be considered for an interview.


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