CFPC: Safety Officer Certification Procedure

State of Connecticut

Commission on Fire Prevention and Control


Safety Officer Certification Procedure


Purpose:          The purpose of this procedure shall be to define the eligibility and examination process for fire service certification to levels contained in the 2002 edition of NFPA Standard 1521, Standard for Fire Department Safety Officer,  that have been accepted by the Commission for certification in the State.


General:           The 2002 edition of NFPA Standard 1521, Standard for Fire Department Safety Officer,   has established six levels of competency for persons serving as Safety Officer. The Commission has adopted five of those levels for the purposes of certification in the State: Health and Safety Officer, Incident Safety Officer, Incident Safety Officer Fire Suppression, Incident Safety Officer Emergency Medical Service Operations, and Incident Safety Officer Hazardous Materials Operations.


NFPA Standard 1521 is not in the Professional Qualifications Standards system and is not written in the Job Performance Requirements (JPR) format. The Standard more heavily relies upon the functional assignment of a person when establishing the requirements that are used for certification. That format and intent was taken into consideration when this procedure was developed. 


The levels of Incident Safety Officer and Incident Safety Officer Fire Suppression have been combined as it is felt that the standalone level of Incident Safety Officer does not have a great deal of meaning in Connecticut and that, as a minimum, any person serving as Safety Officer in the State should be operating at the Incident Safety Officer Fire Suppression level.


This procedure follows the premise upon which all other certification examinations in Connecticut are based, that is: (1) the candidate for certification shall have received training on the objectives contained in the Standard upon which the certification level is based and (2) all certifications issued in the State (with few minor exceptions) are the result of successful completion of a formal examination process.



Procedure:       Note: Certification to the level of Fire Officer I (or a Fire Officer prior to 7/1/86) is a prerequisite for certification to all levels of Safety Officer.


Section A


Health and Safety Officer


For certification to this level the candidate shall:


1.     Complete the Connecticut Fire Academys Health and Safety Officer course.

2.     Shall provide official documentation from a fire department that the candidate has been assigned and authorized by the fire chief as the manager of the health and safety program of a fire department and who performs the duties and responsibilities specified for the health and safety officer in NFPA Standard 1521, Chapters 4 and 5.

3.   Complete and submit a Health and Safety Officer Certification Examination Application.

4.    Successfully complete a written examination for the level.


Incident Safety Officer Fire Suppression


For certification to this level the candidate shall:


1.       Complete the Connecticut Fire Academys Incident Safety Officer course.

2.     Complete and submit an

      Incident Safety Officer - Fire Suppression Certification Examination Application

2.       Successfully  complete a written examination for the level.



Section B


Persons certified to the level of Safety Officer in the State of Connecticut based upon previous editions of NFPA Standard 1521, may, for a period of one year from the date of approval of this procedure, challenge the examination procedure for any or all levels by following the procedure outlined above and by substituting the State certification to the level of Safety Officer for the requirement of attendance at the Heath and Safety Officer and/or Incident Safety Officer course. This process will expire on April 29, 2006. See the links for Certification Examination Applications above.

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