CEQ: Meeting Agenda

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The Council on Environmental Quality's Subcommittee on the New Britain Watershed Environmental Study will hold a special meeting at 1:00 PM on Monday, April 23, 2018 in the Holcombe Room on the fifth floor of 79 Elm Street in Hartford. Directions


This is a working meeting of the subcommittee. The meeting is open to the public, but there is no public comment period at this meeting. 




1.  Call to order


2.  Approval of March 28, 2018 minutes


3.  Discussion of the New Britain Watershed Environmental Study; recommendations to full Council.


4.  Adjourn



CEQ REGULAR MEETING NOTICE (Revised; Change in Meeting Room)


The Council on Environmental Quality will meet on Wednesday, April 25, 2018 at
9:30 AM in the Russell Hearing Room, Third Floor, 79 Elm Street, Hartford. Directions





1.  Call to order; establishment of a quorum


2.  Approval of agenda


3.  Approval of March 28, 2018 minutes


4.  Chair’s Report


5.  Executive Director’s Report

           including updates on legislation (potential action items)


6.  Discussion of the Council's Review of the New Britain Watershed Environmental Study

       a. Report from subcommittee; consideration of written comments received


       b. Additional public comments  (9:45 to 11:00)*


       c. Discussion of draft comments




7.  Review of state agency actions


       a. Siting Council solicitations for comments on proposed 1.25 MW solar photovoltaic facility in Durham (no comments proposed)


       b. Proposed revisions to Connecticut Environmental Policy Act regulations (potential action item)


       c. Intent to Reissue the General Permits for the Discharge of Stormwater Associated with Industrial Activity and the Discharge of Stormwater and Dewatering Wastewaters from Construction Activities (potential action items)


8.  Discussion of annual report (potential action item)


9.  Other business


*There will be a sign-up sheet at the meeting. Speakers will be called in the order they sign up. The Council has received many written comments on the New Britain Watershed Environmental Study; these written comments will be discussed and considered by the Council at the meeting. This comment period is scheduled to receive additional brief comments. It is important to note that the Council will not be voting in favor of or against the proposal. Read more on the CEQ’s New Britain Watershed page.


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