cen: Managed Wifi

Does your wireless connectivity need upgrading? 

CEN offers end-to-end wireless network solutions to ensure WiFi connectivity.  We will design and configure your wireless network to meet modern demands of high capacity usage and good coverage. This modern managed WiFi solution allows you to measure performance in that coverage space and monitor usage (number of people online) at any given time.  Our inclusive service is fully installed and monitored to ensure reliable coverage.

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Managed WiFi FeaturesBenefits of using CEN   
Comprehensive wireless service coverage provides high capacity usage (quality over physical space). Quality Assurance Guarantee
Site survey and consultation provided by CEN in order to provide the highest levels of coverage required and determine optimal coverage. Professional wiring installation by licensed structured cabling vendors (quality and warranty guarantee). Wireless radios installed and their performance tested by CEN network professionals.
Improve Internet access CEN engineered end-to-end performance from the wireless edge through our fiber optic backbone.
High demand services such as VOIP and Videoconferencing over WiFi are easily achieved.
Unmatched Visibility Visibility into network users, their devices and their applications. Monitoring of wireless network via cloud based system and CEN NOC.
Scalable and Future-proof Easy to add wireless capacity. Enable IPv6 access and capabilities on wireless and Internet access services.
Ease of use and time efficient Automated system drastically reduces need for staff involvement or expertise.

Option to leverage CENís  web filtering.
Option to leverage CENís  managed firewall services.
Option to leverage CENís video conferencing services.

CEN Wireless Dashboard
  • Easily see top applications on your network to understand largest bandwidth users.
  • Verify coverage and functionality of your wireless system, be able to view your wireless clients visually and see where there are high usage areas.
Option of self managed service that would consist of installation, licensing and dashboard access.

"Managed WiFi from CEN has allowed us to simultaneously connect more devices, with faster speed and almost no staff assistance required.  We are now able to confidently hold programs and events where wireless access is required and we can accurately report the number of wireless users to our partners."  --Kristi Sadowski, Library Director, Booth & Dimock Memorial Library

Contact CEN at info@cteducation.net for more information and to schedule your site survey. 

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