cen: Virtual Hosting

Virtual Colocation & Server /Application Hosting

CEN members have virtual hosting options with CCAT (Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology)/ CRCOG (Capital Region Council of Governments) based in East Hartford, CT.

CCAT/CRCOG have blade servers with hybrid storage SANs in two different Connecticut datacenter locations.  These replicating clusters have the ability to host thousands of virtual servers, virtual desktops, virtualized applications, or operate as redundant backup and DR locations for towns, schools, and nonprofits on the CEN. 

In addition, CEN members have access to a broad range of applied services to accompany their virtual colocation & hosting needs.  The CCAT clusters can be self provisioned and managed by clients through an intuitive self service portal or be fully provisioned and managed by CCAT’s datacenter services team. {CRCOG Logo}

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