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 CEN Partnerships: Learning Opportunities for CEN Members
  • Partnership with Juniper 
CEN Members and their student body can benefit from an exciting academic partnership with Juniper Networks through their Academic Alliance.  This is a free collaborative educational initiative designed to enhance the student learning experience and provide industry relevance to universities, colleges and high schools that have students studying engineering, mathematics, algorithm research, software development, microelectronics, or telecommunication.

This program is flexible, and to that end, there are various ways to get involved: from organizing a week long Juniper academic bootcamp  at  your school to a more integrated academic relationship that provides curriculum and resources to enable your studentsí learning or certification paths from Juniper and increase their real world employability skills. This academic relationship has many benefits: Juniper provides course materials and learning resources,  instructor training and resources, educational discounts on Juniper Networks products including Junosphere virtual lab environment and enabling certification via discounted certification vouchers.  More information is available here.  If you are interested in pursuing a Juniper Bootcamp, class or certification, please register your interest by contacting us and check out this video on collaborating with the Juniper Academic Alliance here.

Be on the cutting edge in your high school!
Juniper is developing a program for HS seniors who have developed an early interesting in this area of technology. From Networking Fundamentals, to guided study to certification, motivated students can develop early knowledge and skills in networking that will serve them well in their advanced studies and career. Juniper is looking selected HS to help partner this pilot; your school can be a front runner in this exciting initiative!
  • Partnership with Merit

CEN has partnered with  Merit Network to provide CEN members with discounted pricing on Merit's Professional Learning and cyber security certification courses.  Merit also provides a catalog of in-person and live-online learning courses for IT professionals.  These courses are designed to advance technology skills, such as networking, Linux security, business continuity, IPv6, project management and virtualization.   Members can search class offerings and benefit from these reduced rates. CEN members also get a 20% discount on the entire catalogue of courses in New Horizons professional development course offerings by MERIT. More info here.


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