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 Firewall Services
 CEN is able to offer managed or unmanaged cloud hosted firewall as an on demand, customized service.

Why use a CEN Firewall?

A basic firewall controls the traffic that goes in and out of your network to protect you from hacking.   CENís firewall service goes beyond this to offer  Unified Threat Management covering Network Intrusion Prevention, Gateway Antivirus, Gateway Antispam, and Data Leak Prevention (DLP). 

In addition, we can provide Network Address Translation, converting the limited amount of public IP addresses you have to a larger number of private IP addresses to give you network flexibility.  We can help you transition to IPv6 from IPv4.  Currently many users have an IPv4 address. IPv6 was designed to eventually replace IPv4 and allows for more Internet users to communicate with each other and utilize IPv6 only sites.

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