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Web Filtering

CEN provides centralized filtering services to all members. This service is included as part of our base ISP service offering for public K-12 members and libraries that use CEN as their ISP.  The filtering platform is a CIPA compliant system which can be used to keep your organization in compliance with Erate requirements. CEN has contracted with iboss security to provide a cloud solution hosted within multiple CENís data centers.  Members have the ability to log into a portal dedicated to their organization to manage filtering policies.  Members also have the ability to purchase their own filter appliance, minus the cost of licensing which is covered by CEN currently through August 2018.  Leveraging an  internal district appliance allows for integration with the members domain server and more granular control over individual users.

Advantages to using iboss

iboss Secure Web Gateway product was chosen unanimously by a committee consisting of actual K-12 administrators familiar with the unique needs of school networks. 

Key reasons for this decision include:

  • Value

iboss provides an excellent performance/price ratio for customers.

  • Cutting edge technology

iboss has support for the next generation Internet (IPv6).

  • Support

iboss has continued to provide excellent support to CEN and our members.

Please find below more information on CEN Web Filtering FAQ and iboss Secure Web Gateway User Manual. There are details for those with interest in acquiring a local appliance.

CEN Web Filtering FAQ

Current iboss Secure Web Gateway User Manual

CEN iboss Announcement and information on additional features and pricing for local appliances.


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