cen: Private Ethernet Service

Private Ethernet Service

We offer customized private ethernet services (also known as virtual private network, VPN).  CEN's VPN service provides a managed service, your traffic is secured and separated from other members' traffic on the network through the use of VPN tunneling.  Speeds range from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps.  The utility of these depend on your needs and can be used for example, for disaster recovery, as a remote storage option (hosting data off site), to establish a dedicated port (port fee separate) to host this connection or as required by certain applications to provide functionality you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Depending on your needs/ application we can offer:

Layer 2 “Point-to-point” E-LINE circuit “Virtual Wire”  offers a secure connection between specific points.

Layer 2 “Full Mesh” (Point-to-multipoint) E-LAN circuit “Virtual LAN” allows for more connections with the same network.

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