cen: CEN ISP


The Connecticut Education Network as an Internet service provider (ISP).


CEN's Internet service provides best in class service with a 1Gbps Ethernet connection as our base connection speed which allows us to be the fastest provider in Connecticut.


Why you should get your Internet connection with CEN?

Speed: CEN can provide contemporary symmetric bandwidth commitments from 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps or greater.

Resiliency: CEN maintains multiple geographically diverse connections to other Tier1 providers. The service leverages diverse fiber routes from other service providers between Boston and NYC.

Access to Internet2: Researchers understand that high performance computing depends on networks built to the highest standards.  CEN offers access to the Internet2 Backbone via our 100Gbps fiber connections, and can connect to other Internet2 research and educational organizations through direct Layer 2 connection which is often a technical requirement for specific high speed research computing applications/ data center interconnect.  More information on Internet2.
CEN offers access to Internet2 through our 100Gig backbone connection in Hartford, CT and via Northern Crossroads (NoX) in Boston, MA, our secondary Point of Presence.  CEN also has connections to other Tier1 providers in Stamford and West Haven, CT.  We are in the process of extending our access to include expansion to NYC.  In addition to access to Internet2 routes, advanced services such as IP multicast and IP version 6 (IPv6) are available, as well as dedicated private circuits to other Internet2 members.

Capacity: With our connectivity, you are able to burst over your committed bandwidth up to the full Ethernet circuit speed as needed.  Bursting is useful for increased network demand, which could be due to high download usage or live media streaming, including video TelePresence.  Having burst capacity gives you greater freedom and flexibility for your business.  Flexible capacity frees you from relying on quality of service to ensure the important things for your business get through by the prioritization of applications.  It is also advantageous when using cloud services.  You can still do everything even during peak usage times! 

Support: We offer 24 hour support available by phone service that gives you access to a qualified technician to diagnose and troubleshoot problems with your service.  This service is always available, 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (860-622-4560 or servicedesk@cteducation.net).  This monitoring service means that an alert is possible within five minutes of problems occurring with customer connectivity.  This high quality and high frequency level of monitoring is in line with industry standards, those used by CEN itself, Internet2 and other comparable service providers and research networks nationally.
Secure: CENís fiber network across CT has been built with a high level of redundancy, which means we can offer an ISP with a high level of resiliency.  Our core fiber optic hub has connections in more than twenty different locations around the state.  This means that we can sustain multiple, different fiber optic breaks and still ensure that your data is transmitted.
As part of your ISP connection to CEN, you get /29 allocation of CEN IPv4 addressing and a / 48 of CEN IPv6 addressing.  We also offer options for additional IPv4 addressing for use on your CEN connection (on a monthly rental basis).  Contact us if interested.  We encourage CEN members to start taking steps to move to IPv6.  This checklist highlights what you need to get IPv6 fully implemented.  With the amount of devices that need network connectivity growing every year, the time to get IPv6 going is now!  There are not enough IPv4 addressing to support the ever growing list of network-connected devices.  CEN can enable IPv6 for you and will work with you to answer any questions you may have on enabling IPv6 on your CEN connection.


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