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About Us
Connecticut Education Network, or "CEN" is part of the State's secure "Nutmeg Network", whose purpose is to deliver reliable, high-speed internet access, data transport, and value added services to its members throughout Connecticut.
CEN helps deliver on the promise of equality in education by providing access to technology that schools and libraries would not be able to afford on their own. This investment is supported by private schools and institutions of higher education that are committed to the idea of overall improvement in education and broad support for access to technology.

In an effort to remove barriers to technology, CEN supports "Open Access" use of the network, which allows any entity to join the network at a fair price. “Open Access” provides greater access for areas of the state from where it has been prohibitively expensive to obtain high-speed internet access, and could include town-to-town sharing of databases, remote access to municipal applications, and so on. (More about CEN....)
There will be a robust, state-of-the-art broadband network providing cost-effective network and open-access services among Connecticut’s educational, library, government, civic, and economic development organizations to facilitate the delivery of essential educational and community services for today and for greater opportunities tomorrow. CEN operates as a connected community to provide fundamental access for people such as students, researchers, faculty and citizens.
*CEN has been working on a strategic plan for the future. Click here to learn more.
  • Lower transport cost to CEN members
  • State supplemented rate structure
  • Access to Internet2
  • Access to value added services above the network
  • Expandable DWDM backbone
  • Ability to support 42 100GB circuits
  • Fault-Tolerant design
  • Multiple Internet service providers
  • Network Monitoring 24/7

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