cen: National Science Fund Grant

National Science Fund Grant to Create Science DMZ- 100G Connection
In 2013, CEN and the University of Connecticut School of Engineering’s Computer Networking Research Group received a National Science Foundation grant (#1341007) to improve our network. This grant was used to established layer-2 connectivity between the Storrs and Farmington campuses devoted to scientific traffic since January 2014, a Science DMZ to provide 100Gbps of bandwidth at the Storrs campus and to restructure the Science DMZ at the Farmington campus to increase available bandwidth from 2Gbps to 100Gbps.
A Science DMZ is designed to handle high-performance scientific tasks that might put a strain on the average network, such as data transfer and long distance collaboration. This allows researchers to avoid packet loss from a typical TCP/IP network firewall when moving gigabytes of data while knowing perfSONAR is monitoring its progress, enabling the secure transfer of large files without errors with this increasingly popular system.

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