cen: Municipality Expansion

Municipality Expansion Project (BTOP)
In July 2013, state legislators passed new legislation (PA 13-247) to allow all municipalities and regional councils of governments (RCOG) access to the fiber optic Nutmeg Network at a discounted rate and to establish a grant fund for this purpose. The Connecticut Education Network (CEN), which reports to the state through the Department of Administrative Services/Bureau of Enterprise Systems and Technology and UCONN, has been tasked to assist in the execution of this legislation. By providing connectivity to all of the municipalities and RCOGs, it broadens the member base for the Nutmeg Network, increases utilization of the state's multimillion dollar fiber optic asset, brings in more revenue for a better sustainability model for the entire network and also increases the ability to share applications and other resources across the state.

On May 22, 2014, Governor Malloy announced the first wave of 58 towns that had their grant requests accepted, followed by an additional 31 Municipal Town Hall grants in May, 2015. This investment in CT means the Connecticut Education Network will exceed 100 municipal connections across CT including those that have connected outside the grant. View Year One and Year Two Connections here. Additional information is available in these FAQs and Sample Agreement.

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