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Governor Malloy Announces Historic Preservation Initiative  for the Four Coastal Counties


  • State funding is now available for all Survey and Planning grants
  • HRF Grant applications are now being accepted

  • SHPO Internship Program

Recognizing the need to provide hands-on work experience not typically available to students in the traditional academic setting, SHPO has established an unpaid internship program to acquaint students with our mission. The internship program allows qualified students to obtain academic credit from their institution, while also gaining valuable experience. Interns are afforded an opportunity to familiarize themselves with hands-on work of SHPO, such as research, administration, policy development, planning, outreach, and records management.

Internship Information

The State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) is responsible for overseeing the governmental program of historic preservation for Connecticut’s citizens. Originally established as the Connecticut Historical Commission in 1955, the agency was merged into the Commission on Culture & Tourism in 2003 and was renamed the Historic Preservation and Museum Division. The State Historic Preservation Office was again moved in 2011 into the Department of Economic and Community Development providing new opportunities for collaboration on restoration and community revitalization.

SHPO administers a range of federal and state programs that identify, register and protect the buildings, sites, structures, districts and objects that comprise Connecticut's cultural heritage.  


Investment in Connecticut: The State Historic Preservation Plan 2011-2016


Investment in Connecticut: Creating Jobs. Leveraging Resources. Enhancing Community Quality. Advancing Sustainable Growth






SHPO operates four state-owned museums open for public visitation:

·         Henry Whitfield State Museum in Guilford

·         Old New-Gate Prison & Copper Mine in East Granby--Currently under renovation

·         The Prudence Crandall Museum in Canterbury

·         The Eric Sloane Museum & Kent Iron Furnace in Kent



Historic Resources

Local Historic Properties and Districts


Tax Credits

Environmental Review

SHPO will no longer accept digital submittals.  Please submit hard copies to Todd Levine, One Constitution Plaza, 2nd Floor, Hartford, CT 06103.

Technical Assistance

Connecticut Environmental Protection Act

Other Programs