CCT: Artists are READI

Artists are READI!


The Connecticut Office of The Arts (COA) is getting READI (Relevance, Equity, Access, Diversity and Inclusion) and your input is important to us!

COA is committed to 
READI and to supporting and fully engaging diverse members of our artist community in arts policy, practice and decision-making. Changing demographics invite opportunity for responsible and responsive social change by attracting NEW perspectives connecting creative minds, a mutual purpose through arts.  With that said, we are also committed to creating professional development that support artists, specifically artist that are READI.

We would like your input to help inform the development process of a READI track. The READI track will be a two-day conference that COA will be providing as an extension of COA’s 
Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Schools Summer Institute that many teaching artists attend annually. The READI track is being designed specifically for artists.

Those who have a deeper interest in becoming a teaching artist are also encouraged to attend the entire HOT Schools institute. We will give 3 scholarships to READI artists who are not just interested in attending the READI series but that are also interested in attending the HOT Schools institute in its entirety.

Your input is vital to shaping the workshops, focus points and facilitators that we select. 


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