CCT: HOT Schools Core Components

HOT Schools Core Components

Strong Arts

Education in, about, and through the arts helps students develop critical thinking abilities, independent judgment and creative problem solving skills. The arts, as rigorous academic subjects, each with their own sequential comprehensive curricula, convey knowledge not learned through studying other academic disciplines and provide stimulating vehicles for children to communicate their ideas.

Arts Integration

Developing basic skills is central to the HOT Approach to school renewal. An interdisciplinary approach to teaching reinforces learning in all disciplines, encourages students to seek, establish and test connections, and allows them to synthesize relationships between and among ideas. Integrating the arts into all subjects and creating arts-rich environments enhances and reinforces the power of the arts in learning in each school community. HOT Schools defines arts integration sequential arts learning experiences that weave ideas and/or concepts between and among arts and non-arts disciplines, effectively advancing knowledge and/or skills in an arts discipline while concurrently advancing knowledge and/or skills in other disciplines.

Democratic Practice

The arts provide avenues for expression in an authentic democracy. HOT Schools cultivate a school culture in which purposeful activities support choice, voice, participation, and responsibility promoting connection and contribution to celebrate the unique voice of each member of the school community. HOT School educators plan and work collaboratively and invite parent partnerships, input and participation.

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