CCT: Post Complimentary Event Listings on

Post Complimentary Event Listings on



We are now collecting event listings for 2013. Deadline for events submissions is February 8, 2013.


All qualifying events (refer to Listings Guidelines) will be posted on All listings are complimentary.


For the listings, you have two options in which to get your events posted.


Option 1:

You can directly enter the events by becoming a registered user on If not already a registered user, you will need to go to, complete the information and once you receive an email back from us approving your registration; you then return to the management website and begin entering the event listings. If you are already a registered user, just sign in and begin entering events.


Option 2:

Use this link to the event survey form. Complete the form for each event, and either fax or mail the information. Or, you can use the format of the form and email the information to It is essential all information requested is completed in its entirety on the form.


Photography opportunity:  You have the opportunity to submit up to six images for each event that will be posted along with the listing on the website. These images must be in a jpg format.  If you choose Option 1, you can upload the images yourself.  If you choose Option 2, you can email me the images and I will upload them.


Mailing Address:   Jean Hebert

                        Connecticut Office of Tourism/DECD

                        One Constitution Plaza, 2nd Floor

                        Hartford, CT 06103

Telephone:         (860) 256-2739

Fax:                  (860) 707-1811



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