CCT: Accessibility




The Office of the Arts (COA) has compiled a listing of resources for arts organizations and artists which will be continually updated as more information is gathered.


It is important for arts experiences to be accessible to the greater community.  These resources are to assist arts organizations and artists with the planning and implementation of making arts venues and programs more accessible to those with disabilities.  Resources are also available for artists with disabilities.  


The following resources are for ARTS ORGANIZATIONS and those planning and conducting arts experiences: 

The following resources are for ARTISTS with disabilities: 

For technical assistance on how to make your project fully accessible, contact the NEA's Accessibility Office at 202-682-5532 or 202-682-5496 Voice/T.T.Y. or the Civil Rights Office at 202/682-5454 or 202/682-5695 Voice/T.T.Y.


For more information or questions, please contact
Tamara Dimitri at


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