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Marketing Challenge Grants

Marketing Challenge Grants are designed to assist non-profit tourism entities in their efforts to promote attractions and events that are open to visitors. This grant program creates a partnership between Connecticut Office of Tourism (COT) and its constituents, supports promotion of product development and extends COT’s strategic marketing efforts. This program requires matching funds and is available to tourism entities. The minimum grant funds that may be requested are $7,500 and the maximum is $50,000.

The proposed projects considered for funding must have a definable impact on the tourism industry, encourage innovation and job development. The following types of projects will receive greater consideration: new or unique projects, projects that encourage tourism visitation to a region rather than a single community, projects that expand existing tourism marketing efforts, and projects that promote overnight stays. Any proposed project must support or further the State's Strategic Marketing Plan for Tourism and use the "still revolutionary' brand.

A matching formula of 1-1 is required. State funds cannot be used as a match. The program seeks to
extend marketing resources by creating partnerships with private sector industry. Applicants must have a non profit status prior to application. If there are partners in the project, the lead applicant must have non-profit status while other partners can be either non-profits and/or for-profits.

View recipients of Marketing Challenge Grants: FY12
FY14 Guidelines: PDF
FY14 Application: PDF
FY14 Strategic Marketing Questionnaire: PDF

Grantee Reports
FY10 Status Report: PDF
FY09 Status Report: PDF
FY08 Status Report: PDF

FY12 Final Report Narrative: PDF
FY11 Final Report Narrative: PDF
FY10 Final Report Narrative: PDF
FY09 Final Report Narrative: PDF
FY08 Final Report Narrative: PDF
FY12 Final Report Financial: Excel
FY11 Final Report Financial: Excel
FY10 Final Report Financial: Excel 
FY09 Final Report Financial: Excel
FY08 Final Report Financial: Excel

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