CCT: Student Senate

Student Senate


In HOT Schools, student voice is cultivated in a community where purposeful activities support student choice, participation, connection, and contribution. Student Senate provides this opportunity.

Each HOT School develops its own process for selecting Student Senators and the frequency of their meetings. 

In a HOT School, student governance goes beyond the more traditional approach of deciding whether or not to have “Hat Day” and collecting goods for other service organizations*.  Student Senators view their role in the school as an important one and one of leadership. They address real issues that bear importance in their lives.

The HOT Schools Program convenes student representatives and student senate facilitators from each HOT School to share information and develop a statewide approach to implementing Student Senate. 

In fall 2010, Student Senators representing 20 Connecticut HOT Schools developed the process and guidelines for creating a constitution and addressing issues and ideas.

Examples of Student Senate Work

HOT School Student Senate Decision Making Process

* Collecting goods or contributing to other service organizations is certainly a worthy endeavor supported by HOT Schools.  But the work of a student senate in a HOT school goes deeper.  It centers more on developing student awareness and understanding that would propel them to identify a need and create a service organization rather than or in addition to responding to an existing one.