CCT: Town Meeting

Town Meeting


Town Meeting is a whole school gathering that develops community and provides a forum to celebrate student learning in progress.  At Town Meeting students demonstrate their learning to the greater school community in an interesting, and artful way.  Town Meetings are often attended by parents, board of education members, and others.

At a town meeting one sees samples of student work in progress.  There are individual, small group, or whole class presentations.  One will observe students operating microphones and other presentation equipment, and behaving as a respectful audience.

The emphasis of a Town Meeting is on the learning process rather than a polished performance, formal costumes, or elaborate set design.  Town Meetings are not intended to showcase a final product. 

All components of a Town Meeting link directly to student growth. Addressing a student’s social, emotional and intellectual growth is an important part of the learning process that is nurtured at Town Meeting.


Sample Student Introduction to Town Meeting

Welcome to our school-wide celebration.

We come together each week to share our learning, celebrate our successes, and become a community by getting to know each other better.

We share works in progress, individual and class projects.

Sometimes we have rehearsed what we will share at this gathering, and sometimes it’s spontaneous. 

It is always fun and we always learn something from our friends, teachers and the artists who visit our school.


Please help us to learn from each other by:

§  Turning off your cell phone

§  Listening attentively to every share

§  Showing your appreciation for our work appropriately