CCT: Mini-Institutes



The HOT Schools program conducts two residential weekend institutes Fall and Spring Mini-Institutes to reinforce concepts and strategies learned at the Summer Institute.  Mini Institutes allow participating school teams (consisting of teachers, arts specialists, artists, parents, school administrators) to re-connect with and learn from one another.

Mini-Institute formats generally consist of a keynote guest speaker, small group workshops, report-out sessions, evening performances, and hands-on arts experiences.  The purpose of these gatherings is to hone in on a specific program component or share and introduce new ideas.

The 2005 Spring Mini-Institute
focused on HOT Strategies.  The best examples of HOT Strategies are found in the classrooms of participating HOT Schools.  Hence, most of the presenters for the 2005 Spring Mini-Institute were HOT Schools educators: principals, teachers and artists. 

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