CCT: State Troubadour Application Process

State Troubadour Application Process


The position of State Troubadour is open to Connecticut singer-songwriters who have resided in the state for at least five years with a minimum performance history of five years.  A singer-songwriter is defined as a musician who writes, composes and sings his/her own material including lyrics and melodies.

Applicants must complete the application form and submit it with all required attachments by the deadline to be considered complete and ready for review.

Selection Criteria

  • Excellence in musicianship in singing and songwriting
  • Substantial performance and songwriting history (with substantial body of original work)
  • Experience with diverse audiences (educational, community, etc)


  • Present a minimum of three events each year requested by CCT such as award ceremonies or other events conducted by CCT
  • Serve as an ambassador of music and song promoting cultural literacy among state citizens
  • Promote the State of Connecticut in song

Term of Service and Remuneration

  • The State Troubadour shall serve for a term of two years
  • The State Troubadour shall receive an annual stipend of $2,500 for a total of $5,000 for the two years
  • The State Troubadour shall maintain Connecticut residency during his or her term
  • CCT reserves the right to revoke the tenure of the State Troubadour if he or she fails to fulfill his/her duties

For more information, contact
An-Ming Truxes at 860-256-2722 or