CCT: Connecticut State Troubadour

Connecticut State Troubadour

Coming Soon!  COA will be announcing the new Connecticut State Troubadour in the very near future!  Stayed tuned!

The honorary position of Connecticut State Troubadour was established in 1991 by the State of Connecticut.  The State Troubadour serves as an ambassador of music and song and promotes cultural literacy among Connecticut citizens.  The Connecticut Office of the Arts (COA) appoints an individual resident singer-songwriter as State Troubadour based on the recommendation of a review panel.

For more information, contact Bonnie Koba at

Connecticut State Troubadour for 2016 - 2018 is Kate Callahan

Past State Troubadour
Kristen Graves
2011-2012 Chuck Costa
2009-2010 Lara Herscovitch
2007-2008 Pierce Campbell
2005-2006 Thomasina Levy
Dennis Waring
2001-2002 Kevin Briody
1999-2000 Hugh Blumenfield
1998 Jeff and Synia McQuillan
Sally Rogers
1996 Mike Kachuba
Bill Pere
1994 Phil Rosenthal
1993 Sandy and Caroline Paton
1991-1992 Tom Callinan