CCT: Connecticut State Troubadour

Connecticut State Troubadour

The Connecticut Office of the Arts is currently accepting nominations
for the position of State Troubadour.

The honorary position of Connecticut State Troubadour was established in 1991 by the State of Connecticut.  The State Troubadour serves as an ambassador of music and song and promotes cultural literacy among Connecticut citizens.  The Connecticut Office of the Arts (COA) appoints an individual resident singer-songwriter as State Troubadour based on the recommendation of a review panel.

Program Timeline (revised 11.25.15)
Nomination Deadline:   December 22, 2015
Application Deadline:     January 26, 2016
Peer Panel Review:        February - March 2016
Approval by DECD/COA Arts Council:    March 2016
Notification/Announcement:   March 2016
State Troubadour Term:       April 1, 2016 - March 31, 2018

An individual singer-songwriter must be nominated and deemed eligible to apply.
Nominations must be emailed to by December 22, 2015.
Individuals interested in submitting an application are encouraged to read Program Guidelines.

Select Program Guidelines (revised 12.4.15) for full program information including:
 - Terms of Service and Remuneration
 - Who May be Nominated
 - Nomination Process
 - Application Process
 - Review Process
 - Contact Information

Important Notes
1. COA must receive a nomination letter (as explained in the guidelines) no later than
December 22, 2015.

2. COA will respond to the eligible nominee with a confirmation email AND number, along with instructions for how to proceed with the application.

3. If nominee does not receive a confirmation number by January 5, then nominator should re-submit email to ensure receipt.

Past State Troubadour
2013-2015   Kristen Graves
2011-2012  Chuck Costa
2009-2010  Lara Herscovitch
2007-2008  Pierce Campbell
2005-2006  Thomasina Levy 
2003-2004  Dennis Waring
2001-2002  Kevin Briody
1999-2000  Hugh Blumenfield
1998           Jeff and Synia McQuillan
1997           Sally Rogers
1996           Mike Kachuba
1995           Bill Pere
1994           Phil Rosenthal
1993           Sandy and Caroline Paton
1991-1992  Tom Callinan

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