CCT: State Register of Historic Places

State Register of Historic Places

The State Register of Historic Places is Connecticut's official listing of structures and sites that characterize the historical development of the state. It was created and authorized in 1975 under Connecticut General Statute 10-321(b)(2) which defined the State Register as an “itemized list locating and classifying historic structures and landmarks throughout the state. It includes the following:

  • the Connecticut Historical Commission’s 1966-1967 survey of historic properties
  • all National Register nominations approved by the Review Board and all properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places or determined eligible for listing (D.O.E.),
  • all properties approved for Local Historic Districts and Local Historic Property designation by the Historic Preservation Council (even if they are not subsequently approved by the local municipality),
  • all of the resources included in the 1987 survey of state-owned buildings completed for the Commission,
  • All individual nomination of properties and districts approved by the Historic Preservation Council at their regularly scheduled meetings.

The State Register uses similar criteria for listing as the National Register except that special-case considerations (such as a 50-year age requirement) are not applicable. Properties are listed on the State Register by the SHPO’s Historic Preservation Council following review and recommendation by the SHPO staff. Since 1975, over 75,000 properties owned by private citizens, organizations, municipalities and the State of Connecticut have been listed on the State Register.

All State Register files are currently held at the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) in Hartford.  The SHPO staff is in the process of compiling a database of all State Register properties, but currently there is no database or list available.


{Our Lady Mercy}

Academy of Our Lady Mercy at Lauralton Hall in Milford, CT - Listed on the State and National Registers in 2011



Ousatonic Dam in Derby/Shelton - Listed in 2008


{Ash Creek}

Ash Creek Corduroy Road, Fairfield, CT - Listed in 2008


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