CCT: Levy, Thomasina

{Music Artist}


Thomasina Levy, Connecticut State Troubadour, 2005/2006
{Thomasina Levy}
Thomasina is a musician and songwriter who offers performances, one-day student and professional development workshops, and multi-day residencies. Thomasina integrates songwriting, visual arts, dance, and poetry writing into every program. Topics include: the Constitution, American history, Connecticut facts, Connecticut in music, song and dance, exploring art masterpieces through music and poetry, Native American Studies in Art, music and literature, and Multiple Intelligence Theory in Action - Engaging the Whole Learner Though Arts-Infused Activities.

Requirements: Open space, chalkboard/whiteboard, large lined newsprint paper, writing materials.

Audience: All ages

Fees: Residencies: $400/day. Professional Development Workshop "Multiple Intelligence Theory in Action... Engaging the Whole Learner Through Arts-Infused Activities": $1,000. Negotiable.

Contact Information:
Thomasina Levy
P.O. Box 1469, Litchfield, CT 06759