CCT: AIPS Inventory - Comm. Colleges

Connecticut Community Colleges
Community colleges are an integral part of the Connecticut educational landscape.  A total of 12 colleges are located throughout the state and provide residents with a variety of offerings.  Artworks located at these campuses expand upon a students learning by exposing students to a range of work of art that enhance their learning environment. 
{College Faces}
{Swarm with mist}
More than 50 works of public art, commissioned through the Art in Public Spaces program, are  located in community colleges throughout the state.
Asnuntuck Community College, 170 Elm Street, Enfield

Richard Hunt

Explorer Column, stainless steel sculpture, front lawn



Capital Community College, 61 Woodland Street, Hartford

Tetsu Okuhara

Passage, mirror mural, lobby

Latitude, suspended timepiece sculpture, atrium
Novus Ordo Sellorum, photo mural
Gateway Community College, New Haven


College Faces, Interior pedestrian bridge



Housatonic Community College, 900 Lafayette Boulevard, Bridgeport

Elyn Zimmerman

Campo 1,2,3, sculpted pavilions, quadrangle area



Manchester Community College, 60 Bidwell Street, Manchester

David Stromeyer

Jun Kaneko


Adela Akers

Vikki Berman Chenette

Michael Cipriano

Samia A. Halaby
Cary Christopher Smith

Cherry Float, sculpture, south of main entrance

Ascent, terrazzo floor, Learning Resource Center
Heads, ceramic, Great Path Academy Atrium
Spatial Interaction, textile wall hanging, main lobby
White Kite Night Flight, Fiber wall hanging (quilt), Administration hallway
Untitled, Acrylic metal painting, Administration hallway
Clover Leave, oil on canvas
Etoile Variation II, interior suspended sculpture, lobby
View from the Green, oil on canvas
Screen Sculpture #3, corten steel sculpture, campus entrance
Sonic Gates, interactive sound sculpture, Learning Resource Center entrance


Middlesex Community College, 100 Training Hill Road, Middletown

Vera Schupack

Challenge, relief sculpture, entrance to Library Services building


Naugatuck Valley Community College, 750 Chase Parkway, Waterbury 
Echo, fused/cast glass, lobby wall of Technology Building
Latitude 41 ½ Degrees, interior acrylic prisms sculptures
Northwestern Connecticut Community College, Park Place, Winsted

David Colbert

Suzanne Howes-Stevens
Nancy Lasar

Random Order, exterior stainless steel sculpture, Greenwood building

Winsted on the Move, mural on wood panels, Learning Resource Center

Marshwalk #21, oil on canvas, Administration building
Shallows #4, oil on canvas, Administration building
Shallows #2, oil on canvas, Administration building
Black Still Life with Chairs, acrylic on paper, Administration building
On the Edge, acrylic on canvas, Administration building
Cascade, granite, Art & Science Center
Forest/Clouds, suspended sculpture, Learning Resource Center
Norwalk Community College, 188 Richards Avenue, Norwalk

Jonathan Bonner

Dennis Oppenheim

Joy Wulke

Conversation, exterior granite sculpture

Swarm, exterior water sculpture

Mind Games, suspended sculpture, lobby of east campus building


Quinebaug Valley Community College, 742 Upper Maple Street, Danielson

Wayne L. Davis


Richard and Sandra Farrell

Frank T. Gardner


Eric Goldberg

George Greenamyer

Sandy J. Hale

David Kelly

Lewis Knauss

Frances Kornbluth

Richard A. Lapointe


Paul Paquette


Paula Peloquin

Terese Ridgeway

Ann C. Rosebrooks

Kathy Weigold

Jo Yarrington

The Sentinel, watercolor on paper, room 203
Ashford Relic, watercolor on paper, room 201
Porcelain clay wall piece, hallway near theater
The College From the Quinebaug River, fiber wall hanging, auditorium
Mills of the Quinebaug Valley, fiber wall hanging, auditorium
Erica’s Dream, acrylic on canvas, room 201
Danielsonville, exterior sculpture, south lawn adjacent to parking lot
New Mexico II, black and white photograph, library
Cauliflower, hand tinted photograph, library
Autumn Cascade, fiber wall hanging, lobby
Window to the Sea, mixed media on hand made paper, room 210
The Forest, etching, library
Bright and Early, etching, library
In the Berkshires, watercolor, cafeteria
Bygone Times, watercolor, room 111
Iris, watercolor on paper, library
Sundance, fiber wall hanging, room 109
Inner Sanctum, oil painting, cafeteria
Kaleidescope, textile wall hanging, room 205
Perambulations, atrium bridge and windows, lobby
Three Rivers Community College, Norwich
Geoffrey Bates
Gigi Horr-Liverant
Karin Schneider

Now, the World is Asleep, pastel painting

Arthur’s Monolith, pastel diptych

Secret Garden (1987), pastel with marbleized paper
Tunxis Community College, 271 Scott Swamp Road (Jct. Routes 6 & 177)
William King
William Wainwright
On the Particles of Thought, interior suspended sculpture, library
Campus, nine aluminum exterior sculptures, quadrangle
Passing Through, Stainless Steel wall mounted figures
Spiral Aurora, suspended sculpture, lobby
CT River Fish, suspended sculpture, lobby